quad hire north east logoMan and Quad is a reputable quad hire service based in the North East and provides quad hire throughout the North East of Ireland. 

As an Armagh quad hire contractor Seamus Cumiskey has the most up to date quad and quad accessories and is available for all quad hire work.

Man and Quad provides quad hire in the following areas including: Armagh, Monaghan, Louth and the North East.

agricultural quad spraying north eastMan and Quad provides an agricultural quad spraying service throughout the Northeast.

Using a specially designed quad transportation trailer water for spraying can be transported to the required location by jeep.

Quad spraying is ideal for the following including; Spot spraying, weed spraying, spraying rushes, Spraying wet land, Spraying paddocks, avoiding over spraying,

Fertiliser spreading at optimal times can be achieved by using a quad for spreading fertiliser.

Using a quad for spreading fertiliser on hilly and soft ground provides a cost efficient way of spreading fertiliser in areas not accessible by tractors.

Quad fertiliser spreading is ideal in difficult terrains including: boggy land, hillsides, wet marshy ground, slopes, confined areas, paddocks, rough ground and Lawns.

Quads are ideal transport in any type of ground because quads are versatile, easy manoeuvrable and do not leave tyre tracks on wet land and is most suitable for killing rushes.

Using a quad for weed licking is one of the most effective and economical ways of killing weeds and prevents the killing of clover and the stunting of grass.

Man and Quad is available for the following including; Weed licking, Slug pellet spreading, Seeding and Weed patches.

Yard scraping and yard brushing is a speciality of Man and Quad in Armagh.

Using a high powered quad sweeping unit quads are perfectly suited for yard brushing in small and hard to reach places.

Quad sweeping is ideal for cleaning the following; Farm yards, Slatted units, Pathways, Driveways, Sheep sheds, Silage pits and Forecourts

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