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Trail Forklifts

Forklifts are a necessity for moving and loading goods but Standard forklifts are unsuitable and possibly dangerous when used in certain conditions where forklifts are required. Trail Forklifts is the answer to many conditions where conventional forklifts are unusable.

Trail Forklifts are the answer when it comes to unsuitable conditions for normal forklift handling is unsuitable including, Forklifts on Rough Terrain,  Forklifts on Soft Ground, Forklifts on Building Sites,   Forklifts on Farms, Tractor Forklifts, Forklifts for Agricultural contractors Forklifts for Light industry and Forklifts for Landscaping

Trail Forklifts powered by tractors is a forklift that’s safe to use on rough terrain and the trail forklift is made from the highest quality material and manufactured under European standards. The Trail Forklift design is based on convention the forklift trucks so Forklift parts are readily available. Other forklift benefits are,

Any tractor from 50 horsepower can operate the Trail forklifts. Trail forklifts  are powered from the tractors hydraulic system is the most cost effective method in forklifts for moving loads where a tractor is all ready in use. The trail forklift can be transported by tractor or by jeep and moved from site to site at speed unlike convention forklifts.

The trail forklift incorporates a sliding carriage allowing the trail forklift to move in position by use of a hydraulic ram so the weight of the load can be transferred to the wheels and tilted backwards for safe transport. This allows the trail forklift to lift and transport of loads up to 2 tons maintaining stability of the control of the trail forklift and tractor.

The trail forklift is ideal for many commercial and agricultural applications. The trail forklift can save you time and money without the need of a helper the driver can drop twice the number of loads

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