Chinese language classes in Cavan Ireland.Wang Xiuyu is a Chinese Language Teacher in County Cavan, Ireland, who studied the Chinese language and graduated from Fuzhou Fujian the People's Republic of China in 1996.

Wang's Chinese lessons in Cavan are available both for beginners and Chinese speakers who wish to become more fluent in Chinese language.

The Chinese language teaching provided by Wang's Chinese language lessons in Cavan are ideal for anyone wishing to learn Chinese language in the following areas including; Louth, Meath, Cavan, Monaghan and Dublin.

One to One chinese lessons Cavan irelandHaving worked in Chinese language primary education and with an honorary degree in Chinese language teaching, Wang's Chinese One to One student language lessons in Cavan are ideally suited for Adults or children wanting to learn Chinese language.

Private tuition and One to one Chinese language classes are available in County Cavan's Chinese language school during the daytime and evening time.One to One chinese language classes provide individual, focused and successful language tuition suitable for students of all ability and level of learning.

Based in County Cavan, Wang's Chinese language school provides individual Chinese lessons and One to One language training in the native Chinese language for one to one Adult students and one to one chinese language classes for students and children of all ages. Private Chinese language tuition in a classroom situation taught on a personal and one to one basis is available from this fully accredited Chinese language teaching school in Cavan.

Goup Classes in Chines language in Ireland.Wang's Chinese language lessons in Cavan, Ireland provides Group Classes for Chinese language courses Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 for Adult students and for students of all ages and level. The Chinese group language classes run all year with both daytime and evening time Chinese classes with all class sizes are limited in pupil numbers.

The County Cavan group Chinese language classes are focused specifically on the needs of the students attending.The Chinese language is taught in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere allowing plenty of class time to practice language speaking with the accredited teacher.

Cavan based Chinese language teacher Wang Xiuyu provides group Chinese language courses for students and adults of all levels and standards in County Cavan Ireland. Chinese language group classes provide student accreditation at end of group class school term. Student enrollment and adult enrollment  for Chinese language group classes takes place prior to each group class term commencing.

Questinons about Chinese language courses in Cavan IrelandChinese language teacher Wang Xiuyu is an experienced and accredited Chinese language teacher and has experience  teaching both Adults and Children.

Wang Xiuyu can answer all questions asked in relation to teaching the chinese language and offers professional advice to Parents and students interested in enrolling in the Chinese language school in Cavan.

Specialising in teaching the chinese language to students, adults, and children, County Cavan chinese language teacher Wang Xiuyu will answer any questions that you may have  including: What does Chinese language lessons cost? Is chinese language hard to learn, Who teaches children Chinese, What age should chilldren start to learn Chinese and how long does it take to learn the Chinese language.

Phone: Wang Xiuyu 087-6189080.