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Driving School in Cork City


Searching for a reliable driving school in Cork City? Perhaps you are just starting out and don't know which firm to choose for driving lessons in Cork. Your solution is O'Regan Driving School, where we aim to create a relaxed environment so you feel comfortable navigating controls and multitasking on the road.

Driving Instructor in Cork

Whether you require a professional Driving Teacher in Cork or Car Lessons in Cork City, put your trust in the competency of O'Regan Driving School and marvel as you become accustomed to the wheel. We accept people of all age groups as we believe that obtaining a driving license is a useful life skill that will set you up for the future, giving you independence and freedom to travel when you want, where you want.

Learning to drive in Cork

With 20 years' of practical experience, this puts us in good stead to support you while you learn, and with our amount of expertise, you will gain your driving license in no time. We value all the people we work with and treat each person with patience and respect, as this makes for a peaceable transaction and a calming atmosphere, perfect for comprehensive training. Get your Provisional License turned into a Full Driving License in Cork with Owen O'Regan School Of Motoring.

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If you would like more information about our driving instructor in Cork and driving lessons in Cork, do not delay in phoning O'Regan Driving School for expert assistance. We are waiting to take your call for a driving school in Cork City.


Courses Available

Available Courses


Designed to highlight any faults and rectify them before test is taken.As soon as the test date is received contact usimmiadiatly so that enough time is allowed for any changes to become part of your driving style.


Suits people who have a busy schedule or who want to spread out the time it takes to learn to drive


This is our most popular course.It gives more time behind the wheel,while not being too long.It allows the student time to relax so more of the lesson is retained. Ideal for the nervous student.


A popular course as people can learn the basics of driving in a week.Run over 5 days with a 2 hour lesson taken each dayPayment can be made after the first lesson.


This course is run over 5 days.A 3 hour lesson is taken each day.Popular with people who need to learn how to drive quickly.Payment can be made after first lesson.


This course is run over 5 days.Two 2 hour lessons are taken each day with an hour break in between.Payment can be made after the first lesson.