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Our website contains the information you need so that you can take the necessary steps to ensure that you, your family and your business are safe from the dangers and consequences of FIRE.

Fire Escalation

Between the period of 1996 and 2005 there were a total of 305,113 fires visited by the Irish fire brigade. On average 46 people die in the Republic of Ireland each year from fire. Over 1,000 people suffer serious injuries from burns and smoke inhalation. In most of these incidents, a level of fire safety education and awareness could have prevented the fire or limited the damage. The Video to the left shows how quickly a fire can escelate be it either at home or in your place of work, it should also show why it is so important to speak to AA Fire Protection today.

AA Fire Protection Services

AA Fire Protection provides quality fire protection equipment and training. We Service, Refill all types of Fire Extinguishers and we supply, Deliver and Install, Fire Extinguishers to I.S.290 Standard and all work is carried out to I.S. 291 Standards, We Also Service Ansul fire suppression systems. Please see services page for a list of services provided.

AA Fire Protection’s three Golden Rules to follow to ensure that you and your family are safe from fire are :
The best way to be "fire safe" is to make sure that fires never happen.
If a fire starts in your home, or the office an early warning will give you maximum time to escape.
When you get a warning that there is a fire, you need to evacuate as quickly and efficiently as possible, using a pre-arranged evacuation plan.
• These three steps are a service that AA Fire Protection provide

Service and Maintenance

Fire Extinguishers
With your Fire Extinguishers Service by AA Fire Protection you can be confident that the extinguishers are :

A. Properly located and easily accessed
B. Fire point Sign and I.D. Sign highlighting Extinguisher Area
C. Guarding against hazards specific to that location
D. fully charged and ready for immediate use

AA Fire Protection 6-Step service program to Irish Standard 291:2002 includes :

• 1. Visual inspection and Checking of all extinguishers on site:- The Check List items include- insuring extinguisher has a control discharge valve, weighting Extinguisher, checking safety pin, pressure gauge, hose / nozzle, replacing a new tamper proof seal, cleaning and checking instruction label, and wall bracket.
• 2. Numbering and Re-numbering of all extinguishers as required
• 3. Test Discharge in accordance to I.S.291:2002/ EN3
• 4. Updating of existing service label or fitting of a new one
• 5. Completion of service engineers Maintenance Report
• 6. Review of extinguisher placement, sizes and types and preparation of a list of recommendations as required.

Fire Hose Reels

Maintenance should only be carried out by trained persons only. Persons undertaking this maintenance must be authorised to do so by the person in charge of the area or premises.

Fire Hose Reels should be maintained annually to BS 5306-1:2006 and the following work should be carried out :

1- Inspect the reel and if necessary the swing arm for any evidence of leaks or damage
2- Ensure the reel has been correctly installed and that no alterations have been made
3- Check hose guide, signage and attachment to wall
4- Turn off the gate valve and run out the hose to where it can be safely discharged
5- Turn on at the gate valve and open nozzle to flush out hose
6- Close the nozzle and check for leaks or damage
7- Turn off valve open nozzle release pressure and rewind the hose
8- Fill in the service label and record the work details on the maintenance report.
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