Agri machinery manufacture Munster, logoRohan Engineering is an agricultural machinery engineering company in Limerick, who manufacturers and distributes a wide range of high-quality farm machinery equipment in Limerick and throughout Munster.

Agri machinery & equipment supply MunsterWith a purpose-built agricultural equipment fabrication workshop in Adare, County Limerick, Rohan Engineering design and fabricate a large variety of robust agricultural equipment including bale handling equipment, digger buckets, ploughs, and a range of silage handling equipment.

Rohan Engineering supplies agricultural machinery and farm machinery equipment in all areas of Munster including: Limerick, Cork, Clare, Tipperary, Waterford, and Kerry.

Supplying bale handling equipment in Limerick and Munster is a speciality of Rohan Engineering.

Bale handling equipment supply MunsterAll types of bale handling equipment are manufactured and supplied, a wide range of bale handling attachments and accessories are fabricated, equipment for feeding large bales is available, and delivery of sold bale handling equipment to Limerick and Munster can be arranged.

The bale handling machinery and attachments in Limerick and Munster supplied and manufactured by Rohan Engineering include: bale slicer, bale splitter, bale shear, bale lifter, bale grab, twin bale lifter, heavy duty bale lifter, bale spikes, universal bale spikes, and bale handling machinery.

Heavy-duty silage forks in Limerick and Munster are manufactured and supplied by Rohan Engineering.

Silage fork supply MunsterHeavy-duty silage forks with or without push-off systems are manufactured, heavy duty silage grabs with quick hitches are fabricated, quick hitch conversions are available, and quotations on agricultural equipment fabrication in Limerick and Munster are available.

The agricultural equipment in Limerick and Munster manufactured and supplied by Rohan Engineering includes: heavy duty silage forks, shear grabs, silage buckrakes, grass forks, quick hitch conversions, mole plough, pallet forks, log grab, land levelers, mole drainers, single leg mole drainers, and twin leg mole drainers.

Digger buckets in Limerick and Munster are fabricated and supplied by Rohan Engineering.

Digger bucket supply MunsterDigger buckets suitable for a wide variety of machines are manufactured, digger buckets for mini diggers are produced, digger buckets are available in a range of sizes, all buckets fabricated come with a manufacturers guarantee, and Rohan Engineering can advise on what type of digger bucket is best suited to individual requirements.

The digger buckets in Limerick and Munster manufactured and supplied by Rohan Engineering include: grab buckets, excavator buckets, drain buckets, digging grading buckets, digging riddle buckets, tilting grading riddle buckets, turf loading buckets, grain buckets, cemetery buckets, and tile drain or “V” bucket.

For more information on agricultural equipment manufacturing in Limerick and Munster, contact Rohan Engineering on 087 621 0803.