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Frank Greally is an electronics engineer in Longford, who specialises in providing a complete range of satellite and Saorview installation and repair services in County Longford and surrounding areas.

Satellite engineer LongfordAs a local Saorview and satellite technician in Longford, Frank is highly experienced in a wide range of satellite installations, is very familiar with all types of satellite and aerial repairs including MATV systems (Master Antenna Television), and with the latest satellite engineering equipment, Saorview and satellite services in Longford are undertaken.

The satellite and Saorview services in Longford, Lanesborough, Ballymahon, and Edgeworthstown provided by Frank Greally TV Aerial & Satellite Service include: TV Repair, Saorview repair, satellite repair, Saorview installation, satellite installation, multi room TV, Free to Air satellite, MATV maintenance, calving camera installation, network installation, and broadband mobile installation.

Satellite installation and satellite repair in Longford is carried out by Frank Greally TV Aerial & Satellite Service.

Satellite repairs LongfordUsing state-of-the-art satellite testing equipment, all satellite faults are diagnosed quickly and precisely, all common satellite components commonly required to repair faulty satellites are stocked, and Frank can provide satellite maintenance and repairs in Longford at short notice.

The satellite maintenance in Longford provided by Frank Greally includes repairs for: satellite dish realignment, sky satellites, faulty LNB, no satellite signal, no sky signal, faulty satellite dish, satellite glitching, and satellite channels missing.

Saorview installation and Saorview repair in Longford is carried out by Frank Greally TV Aerial & Satellite Service.

Saorview installations LongfordFamiliar with all the newest Saorview channels available, Frank can advise on what free television channel system is best suited for individual requirements, a full range of Saorview boxes can be provided, Saorview connect boxes are installed, and quotes on Saorview installations and repairs in Longford are available.

The Saorview services and Saorview installation in Longford provided by Frank Greally includes: Saorview repairs, Saorview installation, aerial repair, Freeview installation, free movie channels, free sport channels, and RTE channels.

Master Antenna Television System Installations in Longford are a speciality of Frank Greally TV Aerial & Satellite Service.

TV channels LongfordWith many years experience in installing TV distributions systems in Longford, Frank can design MATV systems that integrate cameras and Wi-Fi, multi room TV can be set up, MATV installations are available in residential and commercial properties, and MATV is installed with minimal disruption.

The television distribution systems in Longford available from Frank Greally includes: multi room TV, hotel TV distribution, apartment TV distribution, quattro LNB replacement, TV distribution system repairs, and multiswitch replacement.

Calving camera installation in Longford is carried out by Frank Greally TV Aerial & Satellite Service.

Calving camera installation LongfordHighly knowledgeable in calving cameras, Frank can recommend the best quality calving cameras available in Longford, cameras installed are sealed against dirt and moisture in barns, transmitting cameras are available, and CCTV cameras can be viewed on mobile devices if required.

The calving camera installations in Longford provided by Frank Greally are ideal for: cows calving, mares foaling, farmyard cameras, dog pens, and sheep sheds.

Network repairs and network testing in Longford are provided by Frank Greally TV Aerial & Satellite Service.

Network repairs LongfordAll networking services are catered for, both wired networks and wireless networks can be repaired and tested, testing for mobile broadband is available in areas where regular broadband is weak, and Frank can provide network services in Longford at times to suit individual requirements.

The internet broadband services in Longford available from Frank Greally include: networks, WiFi hotspot, improving mobile phone coverage, network repairs, 3G testing, and 4G testing.

For more information on satellite repairs in Longford, call 090 643 2610 - 087 283 6773