NB Training Services (NBTS) is a Nurse Led professional first aid training organisation that provides quality Health, Safety and Business Training in Drogheda and Louth.

Specialising in both Public and In-house First Aid Training Courses, this Louth based First Aid Training Specialist offers Fetac Level 5 Occupational First Aid Training and Certification for every kind of company and organisation in Louth and Drogheda.

This First Aid Training Company in Louth provides the following; Public and Inhouse First Aid Training, Fetac Level 5 Occupational First Aid Training, Fetac Occupational First Aid Refresher Courses, Basic First Aid Courses, Paediatric First Aid Training, Sports First Aid Training, First Aid for Schools, First Aid for Parents and Childminders and Professional First Aid Kits.

Offering the best value for money, NBTS Manual Handling Training Specialists in Drogheda and Louth conveniently provide In-house manual handling training in the evenings and weekends.

This Drogheda and Louth Manual Handling Training Company can provide two courses in the one day so that your full staff team can be trained in Manual Handling Certification in one day at a very economical cost.

As a Louth Manual Handling Training Specialist, NBTS Manual Handling courses include Manual Handling Training, In-house Manual Handling, One to One Manual Handling Training, Lifting to and from a height Training, Ergonomics and Risk Assessment and Basic Principles of Lifting. As a Louth and Monaghan Manual Handling Training Specialist, NBTS Manual Handling courses include Manual Handling Training, In-house Manual Handling, One to One Manual Handling Training, Lifting to and from a height Training, Ergonomics and Risk Assessment and Basic Principles of Lifting.

Drogheda Safepass Training Services offers businesses in the Louth professional Safepass Courses for their staff.

With their experienced Safepass trainers, NBTS, Safepass Training Drogheda can provide a quick and cost effective Safepass training course and Safepass Certification that meets mandatory Safepass requirements.

This Louth Safepass Training Company provides Safepass Training Courses, Safepass Certificates and In-house Safepass Training

Providing the most up-to-date training, NBTS Abrasive Wheels Training Louth host comprehensive half day Abrasive Wheels Courses.

Covering all of the legal requirements for the safe inspection and mounting of Abrasive Wheels, this Drogheda Abrasive Wheel Training Company will travel nationwide to provide their professional services.

NBTS Abrasive Wheel Training Drogheda, Louth provide In-House Abrasive Wheel Training covering Wheel Selection, Wheel Storage, Wheel Types and Markings, Dressing an Abrasive Wheel, Storing, Handling and Transporting Abrasive Wheels and Practical Demonstrations on Abrasive Wheel Mounting Procedures.  NBTS will also travel locally to Monaghan, Meath, Westmeath, Cavan, Longford, Kildare and Dublin to provide this Abrasive Wheel Training course.

Offering Hands-on practical Fire Safety Training Courses in Drogheda and Louth, NBTS Fire Safety Training Services equip participants to deal with fire on an emergency basis.

This Drogheda based Fire Safety Training Company provides a very cost effective fire safety training course under the guidance of a professionally trained instructor in compliance with Fire Safety Legislation.

NBTS Fire Safety Training Drogheda and Louth provide In-House Fire Safety Training Courses and Fire Warden Training Courses covering topics such as Types of fire extinguishers, What to do in a fire emergency, Chemistry, spread and classes of fire, First aid fire fighting equipment, Practical use of fire extinguishers, Fire Prevention, Evacuation procedures and Assisting the fire brigade.

Specialising in Defibrillation and AED Training in Drogheda and Louth, The Irish Heart Foundation Instructor Courses run by NBTS AED Training Services are designed to teach Healthcare Professionals such as nurses, doctors, nurses aide and health care asisstants the required methods to effectively instruct others in all Basic Life Support techniques.

As a leading Defibrillator Training Company in Drogheda and Louth, the AED Instructor Training Courses provided by NBTS cater for Nurses, Paramedics or other Healthcare professionals interested in becoming an Irish Heart Foundation Basic Life Support Instructor.  The Practical skills examined include Adult, Infant and Child one person CPR, Adult two person CPR, Adult, Infant and Child Foreign Body Airway Obstruction, Recovery Position, AED Training, Defibrillator Training, Bag Valve Mask Devices, Pocket Masks and Barrier Devices.