We specialized in body work on all types of vehicles from Lorries to minis. We repair all makes and models. No job is too big or too small we do it all! We will examine your vehicle thoroughly to determine the full extent of the damage incurred, and we can negotiate with your insurance company about anything their agents may have missed. You get a complete top quality repair with no extra hassle or expense to you.

We use excellent quality car paints

We use excellent quality car paints, such as Standox, which is used on the best cars. We apply multiple coats, not one, and use state-of-the-art equipment for expert application. Your vehicle will look like brand new and our paint work is guaranteed.

We can help you with your motor accident insurance claims

We make sure you understand your insurance coverage and make sure all repairs for damage incurred are included in your claim.

Both New and Vintage All Get The Looks They Deserve.

No matter what the vehicle: We always strive for the perfect finish

All Of The Time.

Phone P J on 087 4145622