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Dollhouses Dublin is a creator of predesigned and custom dollhouses in Ireland. Each dollhouse is created exquisitely and the details of each dollhouse are replicated from real houses. The dollhouses manufactured by Dollhouses Dublin are competitively priced and are the best value in dollhouses in Ireland. 

Dollhouses Dublin can be delivered in the following areas including; Dollhouses Dublin, Dollhouses Louth, Dollhouses Meath and Dollhouses Kildare.

The dollhouses created by Dollhouses Dublin are not your normal run-of-the-mill toys. Dollhouses Dublin dollhouses are very sturdily built and will last for many years. The model dollhouses houses built by Dollhouses Dublin leave no detail unattended to and you can decorate your own dollhouse in whatever fashion you choose.

Dollhouses Dublin can build a house with full interior dollhouse lighting, dollhouse wallpaper, dollhouse picture rails, dollhouse dado rails, dollhouse railings, dollhouse coving and much more.

Dollhouses Dublin has many premade dollhouse in custom dollhouse designs to choose from and Dollhouses Dublin can also create special custom built dollhouses to your specification.

Dollhouses Dublin’s custom dollhouses can be built exactly how you want them, with custom dollhouse interiors, custom dollhouse exteriors, custom dollhouse lightning, custom dollhouse wallpaper, custom dollhouse furniture and more.

Giving a dollhouse as a gift is a great idea, working on a dollhouse allows a child’s imagination to work in a natural environment and placing the dollhouse furniture in the different dollhouse rooms encourages creativity in growing children.

Dollhouses Dublin build astonishingly detailed dollhouse gifts, custom dollhouse gifts, children’s dollhouses, dollhouses for adults, dollhouses for hobbyists, dollhouses for collectors.

A large part of Dollhouses Dublin’s dollhouse accessories service is the dollhouse furniture supplied by Dollhouses Dublin. The dollhouse furniture comes in all dollhouse furniture colours and is available in different dollhouse furniture sizes and the dollhouse furniture can be delivered or can be collected.

The dollhouse furniture supplied by Dollhouses Dublin include; Dollhouse beds, Dollhouse chairs, Dollhouse sofas, Dollhouse clocks, Dollhouse televisions and Dollhouse wardrobes.

For more information on Dublin dollhouses phone 0419884090