Seamus Cassidy woodturner and cabinet-maker

Hello and welcome to Seamus, woodturner and cabinet-maker. I’m lucky enough to live and work close to the historical site of Newgrange, one of Ireland's most visited tourist attractions.

A Unique Beauty - The key to my work is an ability to recognize a beautiful object in an apparently ordinary piece of wood and a skill in revealing the unique beauty of each piece of Irish timber. My designs combine traditional and contemporary characteristics, resulting in innovative and stylish artistic forms, functional wood turning, and furniture.

Elegance & Harmony - Rather than coerce nature into perfect forms, I exploit natural features to aesthetic advantage. I suppose that my elusive style could be described as elegance in harmony with nature.

Collection includes functional and artistic bowls and platters, as well as other sculptural forms in native Irish timbers. Furniture commissions are undertaken with the unusual combination of contemporary designs and traditional construction in solid timbers. Artistic work is sold exclusively   through my own gallery.