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Here at Blackwater Landscapes we have a highly skilled and innovated team qualified in garden design.

We have ideas to suit every size and shape of garden and can accommodate any request you may have.

We cater for any budget and will help you create the garden you have always desired.

At Blackwater landscapes we believe the outside of your home should be as beautiful as the inside and deserves as much attention. We offer special prices and packages to new customers who want to take advantage of the additional living & entertaining space a landscaped garden provides.

Our qualified horticulturist is on hand to discuss your preferences.

Our qualified horticulturist is on hand to discuss your preferences and help you choose shrubs, plants and trees that are suitable for your specific garden and most important that you would enjoy watching come to life.

We offer a wide range of water features.

We offer a wide range of water features from the small free standing selection to the more ornate and eye catching that can be incorporated into a pond or waterfall. Again we have selection to suit every budget.


We offer a superb range of patios in a variety of sizes and colours, which are ideal to use for extra space when entertaining.

We understand fully the financial pressures of these times and aim to offer a first class product for a tight budget.

For information on our packages please contact us by e-mail or phone.

Maintenance with Blackwater Landscapes.

At Blackwater Landscapes we have a large range of commercial mowers to suit any size of project you might have. We update our machinery every 3 years and maintain it regularly so we can offer a constant service.

We specialise in large commercial site maintenance and we would visit your site every ten days to keep your premise in tip top condition. We can also do up your premises at a special price should you have an important client calling. The first thing a new or perspective client will see is your grounds and as you know first impressions last.

As part of this service we would plant bedding plants in shrub beds and window boxes and tubs.

We offer a Pruning Service & Hedge Cutting Service.

We also provide a full pruning service where we reinstate your existing shrubs as to good landscaping practise.We also provide a full hedge cutting service.

De-ing Service available from Blackwater Landscapes.

As part of our yearly maintenance package we offer a de-icing service during winter. With our winters getting colder we are finding that this service is getting very popular. We would go to your premises before your staff arrive and salt your car parks, driveways, footpaths so they are safe to travel on when your staff arrive. We can work with our customers to whatever suits their needs.

If you want to avail of any of our maintenance packages please do not hesitate to contact one of our team for a free no obligation quote.