Annaville Bakery in Navan provides a professional and affordable baking service to all of their customers looking for cakes, buns, muffins etc. With over 25 years’ experience in the baking business, Annaville Bakery bakes a wide range of delicious baked goods.

Annaville Bakery in Meath bake bread, tarts, plain sponges, apple crumble, rhubarb crumble, apple tart, muffins, scones, cakes, decorative cakes, wedding cakes, cakes for special occasions, fruit cake, vanilla cakes, lemon fudge cakes, chocolate cakes, fresh cream cakes, novelty cakes, buns, party buns, chocolate buns, fairy cakes, cream buns, eclairs, baklava biscuit biscuits, boston cream pies, bread pudding, fruit breads, dinner rolls, brownie mousse, brownies bundt cakes etc.

Annaville Bakery specialise in baking wedding cakes, the Navan bakers can create any size, shape and flavour of wedding cake for your big day.

Meath’s leading bakery Annaville Bakery make chocolate wedding cakes, chocolate biscuit wedding cakes, vanilla wedding cakes, strawberry mousse wedding cakes, lemon fudge wedding cakes, novelty wedding cakes, decorative wedding cakes, two-tiered wedding cakes, three tiered wedding cakes, four tiered wedding cakes, almond wedding cakes, fruit wedding cakes, iced wedding cakes, fondant icing wedding cakes, plain weeding cakes, sponge wedding cakes, fresh cream wedding cakes etc.

The highly skilled bakers at Annaville Bakery make cakes for all special occasions at an affordable price. No matter what the special occasion, Annaville Bakery can bake the perfect cake for any party or function that you are having.

Navan bakers, Annaville Bakery bake cakes for parties, birthday parties, 18th birthday parties, 21st birthday parties, 1st birthday parties, children’s parties, leaving parties, anniversary parties, weddings, christenings, confirmations, communions, engagement parties, graduation parties, adult parties, 50th birthday parties, 30th birthday parties, teenagers’ parties, house parties, Christmas cakes, easter cakes, Halloween cakes etc.

Annaville Bakery in Navan only employs the most qualified bakers and these experienced baking experts are always on hand to answer any baking related questions their customers have.

Some of the questions the talented bakers at Annaville Bakery Navan are asked include how do I make a birthday cake, are wedding cakes expensive, where would I find a novelty cake for a child’s birthday party, where can I get cheap cakes, how do I decorate a cake, how do I make a chocolate cake, how do I bake bread, what ingredients do I need to bake a sponge cake etc.