P W C has been in business for the past 9 years, delivering high quality Cleaning/Power washing services to both the residential and commercial sectors.

PWC staff are highly experienced and have been trained with the No.1 Window Cleaning / Power washing company on the West Coast of the USA. Their clients included Oracle, Intel, Stanford University, SF Marriott Hotel and Bank of America but to name a few.

We specialise in providing a cleaning services for all types of properties both residential and commercial.

Our cleaning and power washing service include the cleaning of:

Driveways, Patio, Paving, Window, Roofs, Decking, Walls, Brickwork etc.

Window Cleaning

We have been trading as Paneless Window Cleaning over the past 9 years, delivering high quality Window Cleaning/Powerwashing services to both the residential and commercial sectors.

Roof Cleaning & Sealing

Over the year the elements can deteriorate both the look and protection that your roof gives to your property. We provide a service for cleaning and sealing your roof and restore a new look to your property.

Driveway Cleaning

Block paved driveways are installed by laying porous blocks onto a bed of sand. Left unprotected, the microclimate in will soon leads to algae, moss and various forms of weeds forming on the surface.

We will restore your driveway close to how it was when first installed. Our rotary headed driveway cleaning equipment will get rid dirt and weed growth that may have formed on the block paving. Once the driveway has dried after cleaning, we will replace any of the kiln dried sand that has been displaced from the joints during the cleaning process.

Tarmac Restoration

Having your tarmac refurbished can totally transform its appearance. It can save you the considerable expense and avoid the need to replace the existing tarmac surface. It will stabilise any cracks or loose tarmac chippings and it restores the original colour and replaces resin that may have been lost from the surface. Its very easy and quick to apply and gives long term protection.

Patio Cleaning

We provide a professional patio and paving slab cleaning and restoration service. We will pressure wash and apply high quality paving sealants from Smartseal to the patio area and totally transform its appearance. The sealants will help you cut down on the maintenance and upkeep of the patio for future years.

Decking & Wood Sealing

Whether it has been installed to form a garden patio area or maybe a feature area detached from the property, decking tends to look great short term, but unless regularly maintained it can soon look grubby, particularly if it is north facing, decking can become covered in algae and surface growth, leaving it very slippery and dangerous when damp or wet.

Our cleaning services will soon leave your decking looking like new.

Walls, Brickwork etc.

We can clean almost any hard surface. Our powerful cleaning equipment is perfect for cleaning the most stubborn dirt and grime that will quickly build up on most surfaces if left unattended.