Buz Creations Manufacture Childrens Furniture from our childrens furniture factory in Managhan.

Childrens furniture can be delivered to; Meath, Cavan, Down, Armagh and  Dublin.


Kids Furniture, Children’s Furniture, Boys Furniture and Girls Furniture, 

 We create kids furniture for all ages, also personalised boys furniture and girls furniture, our range of kids furniture will brighten up any room, Why not personalise your boys furniture or your girls furniture so they have their own little place to eat, play or read.


Playroom Furniture, Creche furniture, Bedroom furniture.  

 Buz Creation designs Creche furniture, Playroom furniture or bedroom furniture that
can be used to store away toys after use. This crèche furniture can be both fun and useful to help save space. Our Bedroom furniture also can be personalised.


Personalized, wooden, crafts,

Buz Creation offer personalized furniture to suit individual tastes. We also create a number of personalized wooden time Capsules that make great children’s gifts. These can be personalized for the customer who wants to track their children’s memorable moments as they grow up. We also craft beautiful pieces of furniture from wood that are unique and collectable. See Sample pictures or visit our facebook page ( click link to facebook )