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Computer Repairs Monaghan. At Computers Repairs Monaghan we provide network and server installations and design custom built Security Systems.

Computer Monaghan is much more than a computer sales and service operation.  Computer Repairsï Monaghan provide network and server installations, design custom Security Systems, Repair all types of computer faults, provide Internet Web Design and all at very affordable prices. At Computer Repairs Monaghan all of our products are guaranteed and we only use genuine parts in all of our repairs. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all the new Internet products on the market and we know that we can best advise you on all aspects in the computer and security world.

Computer Repairs Monaghan.Computer Desktop and Laptop repair

Broken computer or your machine running slowly? Can’t afford a new one? Have one of our technicians take a look. We fix most common problems on the spot or within a day including but not limited to -

Virus removal - Hard-Drive replacement - Data Recovery - Laptop screen repairs - Laptop power jack repair - General maintenance and upgrades (including operating system installation)

Computer Repairs  Monaghan specialise in Desktop and Laptop repair, upgrading and software installation. Our goal is to provide a professional and affordable solution to your computer needs. We will always assess the cost of repair against the condition of your computer and give you an honest assessment of what is the best way to proceed. 

Computer Repairs Monaghan. Computer Desktop & Laptop Sales.  

Do you need a computer built to do a specific task, or a good all-rounder that doesn't break the bank? Arrange to meet us today to discuss getting a tailor built machine for you. All budgets are catered for, whether you just need to get online or want to play the latest computer games; our technicians will provide you with the perfect machine for the task.

Computer Repairs Monaghan. Server Installations and Maintenance.

Computer Repairs Monaghan offer network and server installations and maintenance contracts (if required) for these systems and network support.  We have worked with all types of commercial bodies in the design and planning of their network systems.  We would be delighted to meet you and discuss your requirements on any of your IT or Technical requirments.

Computer Repairs Monaghan. Camera Security of your property  is Your Peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Security equipment has never been so good or so versatile. Computer Repairs Monaghan can do for your premises or Home Security now, would not have been imaginable a few years ago. From the highest technical transmitting cameras to standard colour recording cameras the quality of this equipment has not only has vastly improved, it has also got cheaper. We can design you a security system to suit your needs and your budget. From a IP camera systems which can be monitored from any location using your internet phone to Software to view multiple cameras with one monitor we can supply and fit it all. You can view you're home or business from any secure internet device and record all the activity at your premises when your not there.

WebDesign by Computer Repairs Monaghan.

Lets us design the perfect website for your business. Contact us for more informationï