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Based just outside Monaghan town, Co. Monaghan, our company specialise in installation of Cavity Wall Insulation using revolutionary Warmfill Super Silver Bead Insulation which is a low cost, high quality & extremely energy efficient product.

you can save up to 40% on your heating costs

By ensuring your cavity walls are properly insulated with Warmfill Bonded Bead Insulation, you can save up to 40% on your heating costs, add value to your home and help reduce global warming.

We also provide an attic & loft insulation service alongside our Fascia, Soffett & Guttering services.

Home Energy Saving Scheme

Patrick O Hanlon Insulation is a registered contractor under the Home Energy Saving Scheme. For more information or to apply for a HES grant,

Cavity Wall Insulation

Patrick O Hanlon Insulation are approved installers of Warmfill Insulation products operating out of Monaghan Town. Warmfill Super Silver Cavity WallInsulationis a bonded bead system which uses air to blow the beads into the cavity wall using IAB approved methods.

Warmfill Cavity Wall Insulation uses a specially manufactured closed cell polystyrene thermal bead, which is coated with an air drying adhesive during the injection process. Once the cavity wall is filled, the adhesive  dries & holds the beads together onto a bonded homogeneous heat saving mass which last he lifetime of the building which will satisfy all new building regulations. Savings on home heating bills of up to40%per annum can be expected.

We also specialise inCavity Wall Insulation'TOP-UPs'. A typical dwelling has a 4 inch cavity with only 2 inches of insulation. Using Warmfill Super Silver Bonded Beads, we can top-up your existing insulation further increasing the heat efficiency of your home.

Attic Insulation

'Patrick O Hanlon Insulation' are attic and loft insulation specialists and offer this service in addition to Wall Insulation. Using only the highest quality thermal insulating products and expert staff, we can fully insulate or top up existing insulation in your roofspace.

Where does the heat go? you may be eligible for a €250 grant

Over 25% of heat within the home will escape through a poorly insulated attic. Now is the time to have your roof space inspected and have insulation installed or topped up. As registered contractors under the Home Energy Saving Scheme, you may be eligible for a €250 grant if we install your attic insulation. Click here for more info.

Efficient Attic Insulation will trap rising heat and prevent heat loss through the roof space. Whilst many homes already have attic insulation, it is probably not enough. Additional insulation can be installed in the home quickly and easily by our trained staff to bring your home in line with required standards and save on heating costs every year for the lifetime of the building.

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Do I need additional attic insulation?

If your house is over 4 years old it is quite possible that your attic will have fibreglass insulating blanket installed between the joists/rafters. Based on current building regulations and BER Efficiency ratings, this will be insufficient for a number of reasons.

1: Modern insulating materials have a higher thermal performance and therefore better heat retention. Having new insulation installed will in older homes will ensure a more heat efficient home

2: Until recently, insulation blanket was only installed between the joists in your roof space. This leaves the joists exposed and creates a 'cold bridge' where heat can escape from the rooms below and cold air can get in. Heat efficiency can be increased dramatically by installing an additional layer of insulation on top of existing insulation. The additional layer is installed perpendicular to the joists which effectively cancels out the cold bridge.

Fascia, Soffett & Guttering

With years of experience behind us, we offer an extensive Fascia, Soffett & Guttering service. Offering only the highest quality products and workmanship, our service is available to home owners and to the construction industry alike. Work is carried out by us to completion and to exact customer specification. With high quality aluminium guttering and PVC fascia & soffett you are protecting the most vulnerable part of your home, the roofline, from detoriation as a result of weathering, rot & dampness.

We offer an extensive range of colours and finishes in the following products.

  • PVC Fascia & Soffett--Aluminium Guttering--Bathroom & Wall Panelling

We also supply and install a wide range of PVC Wall Panelling and Bathroom panelling.