Padraig Langan is a slurry spreading contractor in Westmeath and Offaly who specialises in providing slurry spreading and slurry transport throughout County Westmeath and County Offaly.

With the most up-to-date slurry spreading equipment available, Padraig uses slurry application methods that minimise ammonia volatilization, is more environmentally friendly and ensures the highest possible nitrogen input to crops from slurry spreading.

The slurry spreading services in Westmeath and Offaly available from Padraig Langan includes; umbilical slurry spreading, tanker slurry spreading, slurry transport, slurry tank empting and slurry tank agitation.

Umbilical slurry spreading in Westmeath and Offaly is provided by Padraig Langan.

With over 30 years experience in agricultural contracting, Padraig uses the Mastek umbilical slurry application system with slurry dribble bars, which decrease slurry spreading odours and as a heavy slurry tanker is not travelling on the land; ground compaction is greatly reduced.

The umbilical slurry spreading in Westmeath and Offaly provided by Padraig Langan includes; piped slurry spreading, umbilical slurry spreading, precision slurry spreading, cost effective slurry spreading, slurry spreading on wet land, low emission slurry spreading, reduced odour slurry spreading and dribble bar slurry spreading.

Controlling rushes on farmland in Westmeath and Offaly is a speciality of Padraig Langan.

Using a high powered mulcher specially designed for cutting and mulching rushes, means mulched rushes provide effective fertiliser as they contain 70% NPK value of farmyard manure and Padraig can implement a rush control management programme to suit individual requirements.

The control management programme on rushes in Westmeath and Offaly provided by Padraig Langan includes; MCPA rush control, rush mulching, controlling rushes without chemicals, rush shredding, rush management, herbicide rush control, rush cutting, rush spraying, rush licking and agricultural land rush management.

With his many years experience in the control of rushes in Westmeath and Offaly, Padraig is available to answer queries on the best method of rush control.

Some of the questions Padraig is often asked include; How to control rushes,  How do I stop rushes from growing? Why are rushes so hard to control? What is the best way of controlling rushes on farmland? What is the best method of controlling rushes with chemicals? How to control rushes without chemicals? How to stop rushes growing on grassland, and when is the best time to cut rushes?

For more information call Padraig Langan on 087 6402 920