Crosbies Funeral Services Wexford

Crosbie Funeral Directors Crosbie Funeral Directors in Enniscorthy are a dedicated family run funeral directors who have built their family funeral services on their empathic approach, trust and experience over the past 25 years in County Wexford.

Irish Association of Funeral Directors ( I.A.F.D ) As members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors ( I.A.F.D ) these Wexford Funeral Directors help bereaved families in all aspects of funeral arrangements in a professional and caring manner.

Since 1986 Crosbie Funeral Directors Enniscorthy have organised funeral arrangements for bereaved families in all parishes in County Wexford including: Oylegate, Davidstown, Bree, St. Senan's, St. Aidan's, Oulart, Blackwater, Crossabeg, Monagear, Marshalstown, Ferns and Castlebridge.

Environmentally friendly funerals wexfordEnniscorthy funeral directors, Crosbie Funeral Services, arrange environmentally friendly funerals for families that request a Green burial for a loved one.

The experienced undertakers at County Wexford’s Crosbies Funeral Directors is fully aware of all the elements involved in arranging a complete green funeral service for the family.

Crosbie Funeral Services in Enniscorthy, County Wexford provide environmentally friendly funerals that include: Alternative coffins, Bamboo Eco Coffins, Environmentally embalming fluid, Environmentally friendly coffins, Diesel driven hearse, Diesel driven mourning cars and all green funeral requirements as requested.

Cremation services in Enniscorty is available from Crosbie funeral services.

Wexford funeral undertakers, Crosbie Funeral Directors provide cremation urns and caskets to choose from at their family run funeral parlor in Enniscorthy.

As a long established Funeral Directors in Enniscorthy Crosbie Funeral Directors provide cremation funeral burials that includes: Cremation Urns, Cremation caskets, Crematorium arrangements, Medical certificate and detailed information on cost options.

Civil funerals and Non denominational funerals wexfordCivil funerals and Non denominational funerals in Wexford are available from Crosbie Funeral Directors and funerals are built around the wishes of the deceased and their family.

With the familys input, the Civil Funeral Celebrant and Crosbie Funeral Directors creates a funeral service reflecting the life of the deceased.

Crosbie Funeral Directors in Enniscorthy arranges Non denominational funerals and Civil funerals in County Wexford that includes, Non religon based Funeral, Non denominational funerals, Tribute to the deceased, Music, Poetry, Reading, Hymns, Songs and related life experiences of the deceased.

Family funeral directors in County Wexford, Crosbie Funeral Directors make all the funeral arrangements necessary.

All funeral arrangements discussed with Crosbie Funeral Directors are totally confidential and Crosbie Funeral Directors will supervise the funeral on behalf of the family as requested.

The Funeral services in Wexford provided by Crosbie Funeral Directors include, liaising with funeral providers such as, Church, Cemetery, Crematorium, Newspaper notifications, Radio announcements, Florist, Musicians, Organist, Vocalist, All documentation, Death Certificate, Finance and all Third party’s.

Contact Crosbies Funeral Directors Eniscorthy on 053 923 3463

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