We sell and service a range of automatic truck and carwash systems , valeting machines and vacuums

We also sell detergents and waxes to suit all washing equipment and service all makes.

Automatic/Rollover/Self Service/Valeting Equipment

AutoEquip Lavaggi has been designing and building car and industrial vehicle washing systems since 1963. The ability to innovate constantly, even when products more than satisfy market requirement , is a distinguishing feature of AutoEquip Lavaggi.

Powerwash/Pressurewash equipment

We sell a range of Idromatic high pressure and steam washes. The Idromatic name is always recognized with the highest quality and reliability performance.

Idromatic's technological solutions are supported by experience, know-how and innovation.


  • Mobile Equipment for dry cleaning
  • Heating System: Feul
  • 10 Bar Max pressure of steam
  • 4 Guns available if required at 6,5Bar
  • Water Tanks 27LT
  • Fuel Tank 20LT
  • Power Needed: Only 350WATT

We also supply a range of Valeting vacuums and upholstery cleaning equipment