Motorcycle Training Cavan, Meath, Louth ,Monaghan

Cavan Motorcycle Training has been providing motorcycle lessons in the North East of Ireland for over 12 years.  Cavan Motorcycle Training are highly experienced in motorcycle training with a high motorcycle test pass rate.

William Donohoe of Cavan Motorcycle Training holds an advanced riding instructor RoSPA Diploma and is a registered RSA approved motorbike driving Instructor. Cavan Motorcycle Training covers motorbike training in the following test centre areas, Navan, Cavan, Dundalk, Mullingar, West Meath, and North Dublin.

Cavan Motorcycle Training is a highly trained and experienced motorcycle training provider who offers a wide range of motorbike training courses to help you get your motorbike licence.

Cavan Motorcycle Training offers a wide variation of motorcycle training, from motorbike intermediate training, motorbike pre-test training to advanced motorbike training. Cavan Motorcycle Training provide a motorcycle Initial Basic Training course for A1, A2, A, Motorcycles that spans over 18 hours were you only pay for each module as you complete them. Cavan Motorcycle Training offers motorbike training in the following areas Kells,  Westmeath, Mullingar and in the North East of Ireland.

Cavan Motorcycle Training offers  insurance assessment training and rider skill assessment training that can save up to 45% on your motorbike insurance policy.  By undertaking an insurance assessment course or a rider skill assessment course with Cavan Motorcycle Training you will have cheaper motorbike insurance.

On this course Cavan Motorcycle Training show you what Advanced riding is all about ,Being in control all the time ,Understanding what you are doing, quick, efficient and safe overtaking, Anticipating other road-users mistakes ,Becoming a thinking rider, not a automation, Understanding your motorcycle and getting the most out of it, Developing observation, anticipation and timing at junctions and round-abouts, so you can negotiate the traffic with minimal disruption. Cavan Motorcycle Training provide motorcycle training that will reduce your motorcycle insurance cost by  45% for grade 2, and 40%for grade 3, and 30% for grade 4, with Aon Bike Care and Liberty Insurance. Cavan Motorcycle Training provides the Rider Skills Assessments for AON Bike Care and Liberty Insurance were you can save up to 45% off your insurance.

Cavan Motorcycle Training offers a secure off road motorbike training with a highly experience motorbike training provider.

Do you wish to undertake your motorbike license test but don’t have the equipment or motorbike to do so, no worries, as Cavan Motorcycle Training can provide all the equipment you need to undertake your motorcycle test. Cavan Motorcycle Training provides school bikes for training and hire out their motor bikes for your motorbike test including your motorcycle pre-test. Cavan Motorcycle Training also supply protective clothing such as motor bike helmets, motorbike coats and motor bike trousers, but please note motorbike boots are not provided.

William Donohoe of Cavan Motorcycle Training is a qualified RSA ADI Registered Motorcycle Instructor and holds a Rospa Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction as well as being a Rospa Gold Award holder.

Contact William Donohoe at Cavan Motorcycle Training on 086 8262719 for information on the motorcycle training courses he provides.

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