Image of stove from Traditional Stoves Belfast.

Traditional Stoves are stove specialists in Belfast, who supply and install a complete range of traditional stoves and fireplaces throughout Belfast.

As a professional stonemason, Dermot, proprietor of Traditional Stoves, has constructed all kinds of fireplaces and stoves, is fully insured, VAT registered, and is familiar with the architecture of many Belfast properties.

The services in Belfast provided by Traditional Stoves includes; stove fitting, stove replacement, traditional stove installation, fireplace rebuilding, marble fireplace fitting, and fireplace replacement.

Image of traditional stove from traditional stoves Belfast.Installing traditional stoves in Belfast is a specialty of Traditional Stoves.

Experienced in installing traditional stoves, Dermot is certified and OFTEC registered, can install stoves quickly with minimum disruption, and installation of traditional stoves in Belfast can be arranged at times to suit individual requirements.

The traditional stoves in Belfast available from Traditional Stoves includes; traditional wood burning stoves, traditional multifuel stoves, Stanley stoves, traditional insert stoves, cast iron stoves, smokeless fuel stoves, Henley stoves, traditional eco stoves, affordable traditional stoves and domestic stoves.

Image of Marble fireplace from Traditional Stoves Belfast.Marble fireplaces in Belfast are fitted by Traditional Stoves.

All marble fireplaces are installed to specifications, Dermot is a skilled marble polisher, can advise on what type of marble fireplace is best suited to requirements and free estimates on fitting marble fireplaces in Belfast can be provided.

The marble fireplaces in Belfast available from Traditional Stoves includes;marble fireplace installation, affordable marble fireplace installation, coloured marble fireplaces, black marble fireplaces, marble tile fireplaces, marble back panels, natural marble fireplaces and marble fireplace fitting. .

Image of modern stove from Traditional Stoves Belfast.Re-building of fireplaces in Belfast is carried out by Traditional Stoves.

From years of rebuilding and re-fitting old fireplaces, Dermot can save and re-use old fireplace materials or introduce modern materials to the fireplace and his work is compliant with all relevant safety regulations.

The fire place rebuilding service in Belfast provided by Traditional Stoves includes; re-facing fireplace surrounds, brick fireplace building, fireplace hearth rebuilding, stone fireplace building, outdoor fireplace building, indoor fireplace building, affordable fire place rebuilding and masonry fire place building.

Replacing old stoves in Belfast is service provided by Traditional Stoves.

New Stove from Traditional Stoves Belfast.

As a qualified traditional stove and fireplace contractor, Dermot can replace old stoves efficiently, is familiar with the heat output of different stoves, can advice on space required for different models and replacing old stoves in Belfast can be arranged at short notice.

The stove replacements in Belfast available from Traditional Stoves includes; affordable stove replacement, old stove replacement, install stove replacement,  back boiler stove replacement, room heater stove replacement, and free standing stove replacement.

For more information on traditional stoves in Belfast phone Dermot - 078 7982 2995