What type of online marketing do you need?

Business websites are the virtual shopfront of all businesses, but because your website is covering all the services/products you provide, it's virtually impossible for a singular website to promote all services provided and attain high search engine rankings in particular searches which may be crucial to your business.

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Studies have shown that if you are using Facebook and social media platforms alone to promote a business, you could be limiting your online reach, and the opportunities available to you of finding new customers on the internet.

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Over the years you have probably thought about getting something done on the internet for your business. The web pages created and powered by Our.ie are highly effective, affordable, and what’s better, we do all the work! .

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Why you should have a page on Our.ie

In the top section of the web page, an eye-catching header image is inserted to ensure promoted services are easily recognised and the name to contact can be included if required.

Clickable phone links, are strategically placed in the header image, which encourage potential customers to contact the business.

The web pages on Our.ie normally consist of 4 sections, with each individual section containing, SEO keywords, keyphrases, and common search terms people most likely type into a search engine when looking for a particular service.

To improve search engine rankings, all images in the Our.ie web pages are appropriately named, alt tagged and appear high in relevant image searches.

Benefits of Our.ie

  • All web pages are submitted individually to all major search engines
  • The web pages on Our.ie are ideal for achieving high rankings to a particular sector of a business
  • With Our.ie you can be found for search terms that can be difficult to optimise in your own web site
  • We create links on each web page back to your own web site and social media platforms if required
  • Your email and phone number are prominently displayed, so potential customers can contact you
  • A Google map of your location can be added if required
  • We do not promote two of the same type of businesses in the one area

Satisfied customer testimonials

I have 5 web pages on our.ie. The tailored pages have achieved very high search engine rankings and I am planning on using our.ie to promote other sectors of our business.

Noreen, Pergolas Limerick

I have found Our.ie great to deal with. My web page with them works great in search engines and I get regular traffic to my own website from it.

Andy, Private Guitar Lessons Galway

Recently I have setup several web pages with our.ie. The results have been phenomenal. The best money I have ever spent!

Noel, Oil Boiler Services Carrigaline

I have found it great for promoting sportswear and school uniforms sales in Balbriggan for the last 8 years.

Noel, Sportswear And Schoolwear Balbriggan

I have a page with Our.ie since 2018, It pays for itself over, and over again.

Grainne, Dog Grooming Swords

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