Forkhill Auto Repairs provide a panel beating service to their customers at an affordable price. The experienced vehicle repair team are specialists at removing panels from crashed or damaged vehicles and replacing them with new panels. With their highly skilled panel beating equipment Forkhill Auto Repair carry out their panel beating services all across Ireland.

Forkhill Auto Repair’s panel beating service includes removing damaged panels, repairing damaged panels,  replacing damaged panels, repairing dents, sanding repaired vehicle surfaces, fitting repaired panels on the framework of the vehicle, refitting body hardware, replacing damaged sections with new or second hand panels etc.

The experienced mechanics at Forkhill Auto Repairs provide a professional spray painting service to their customers. Car paint scratches are not only unsightly but they also decrease the value of your vehicle but the skilled car painters at Forkhill Auto Repairs can help you get your scratched vehicle looking as good as new. The leading vehicle repairers in the North of Ireland are often asked questions about car spray painting.

Some of the questions the highly skilled mechanics at Forkhill Auto Repairs are asked include is it expensive to re-spray a car, how long does it take to re-spray a car, how do you re-spray a car, if I only want to re-spray a section of my car will it be easy to find a colour that matches, how do I cover up a minor scratch on my car etc.

Forkhill Auto Repairs are crash serviced approved and the highly skilled vehicle repair team specialise in fixing vehicles after an accident or crash. The vehicle repair experts supply alloy wheel refurbishment, body kits and other aspects of vehicle repair to ensure your vehicle is as good as new.

Some of the services that Forkhill Auto Repairs provide include alloy wheel refurbishment, body kits, car crash repairs, bus crash repairs, van crash repairs, car restoration, car scratch repair, window tinting, bumper repairs, light mechanical repairs, car body repairs, fibre glass repairs etc.

The Forkhill car repairers can easily remove dents from a vehicle with their top of the range dent removal equipment. Forkhill Auto Repair removes small dents by using a method that massages the dents out of the damaged area, restoring the panel to its former glory.

The vehicle repairers in Forkhill remove dents from cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, large vehicles, commercial vehicles, jeeps, 4x4s, domestic vehicles etc.

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