Coal merchant Carlow


Coal deliveries Carlow - John Joyce Sand and GravelJohn Joyce Coal are coal and fuel suppliers in Ballymurphy, Carlow, who specialise in providing a complete range of coal, fuel and gas throughout Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford from their coal supply depot in County Carlow.

As a long-established coal depot in Carlow, John, proprietor of John Joyce Coal has many years’ experience in supplying and delivering coal, fuel and gas to residential and commercial sectors, is a registered solid fuel supplier, and provides a reliable coal and fuel delivery service throughout Carlow and surrounding counties.

The coal, fuel and gas in Carlow supplied and delivered by John Joyce Coal includes: smokeless coal, solid fuel products and bottled gas, and delivery can be arranged throughout Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford.

John Joyce Coal - Coal deliveries CarlowSupplying and delivering coal in Carlow is a speciality of John Joyce Coal.

Stocking a complete range of high quality coal, John supplies and delivers smokeless coal to residential and commercial customers, all coal supplied is in compliance with Air Pollution Act regulations and coal delivery in Carlow can be arranged at times to suit individual requirements.

The coal supply and delivery in Carlow available from John Joyce Coal includes: Calcoflame, Super Flame, Country Blend, Union Nuggets, Value smokeless coal, stove coal and coal bunkers.

John Joyce Sand and Gravel - Firewood deliveriesFirewood in Carlow is supplied and delivered by John Joyce Coal.

Experienced in supplying and delivering solid fuel products, John can advise on what type of solid fuel is best suited for open and enclosed fires, solid fuel products can be ordered in large and small quantities, and discounts on supplying and delivering solid fuel in County Carlow are available.

The solid fuel products in Carlow supplied and delivered by John Joyce Coal includes: briquettes, firewood, firewood in tonne bags, Antracite, kindling net bags and all types of solid fuels.

John Joyce Coal - Bottled Gas Delivery CarlowBottled gas in Carlow is supplied by from John Joyce Coal.

As an authorised bottled gas distributor in Carlow, John provides a complete gas cylinder exchange and delivery service, Propane and Butane gas cylinders in a variety of sizes are stocked, LPG bottled gas is supplied, and supply and delivery of bottled gas in Carlow is available all year-round.

The bottled gas in Carlow supplied and delivered by John Joyce Coal includes: patio heater gas, propane 34kg, propane cylinder 10.89kg, butane cylinder 11.34kg, large cylinders, and gas cylinder refills.

For more information on coal and gas deliveries in Carlow phone 087 269 1565.