Trees and hedges Carlow, logoAsk Me Landscaping Limited is a tree nursery in Carlow, who specialise in growing a wide range of trees and hedging for planting in their tree nursery in County Carlow.

Hedge and tree services CarlowAs a tree nursery in Carlow, Michael Eustace t/a Ask Me Landscaping Limited, has over 30 years experience in growing ready to plant hedging and tree saplings, and provides a full range of tree planting services throughout County Carlow and nationwide.

The saplings and hedging in Carlow available in Ask Me Landscaping includes: hedging for planting, trees for planting, scrubs for planting, bare rooted hedging, and native Irish trees for planting.

Tree saplings in Carlow are available from Ask Me Landscaping Limited Carlow’s tree nursery.

Tree saplings CarlowSpecialising in growing native Irish tree saplings, Michael can advise on what soil type is best suited grow particular tree saplings, all tree saplings are ready to plant, a nationwide planting service is provided, and tree saplings can be delivered throughout Carlow and nationwide at times to suit individual requirements.

The tree saplings in Carlow supplied by Ask Me Landscaping includes: Oak saplings, Ash saplings, Hazel saplings, Birch saplings, spindle, maple, wild cherry, dogwoods, horn beam, box, holly, and Alder saplings.

Hedging in Carlow is available from Ask Me Landscaping Limited Carlow’s tree nursery.

Hedges, CarlowAll hedging grown in Michael’s Carlow tree nursery is of a hardy nature and ideal for growing in Irish weather conditions, a wide variety of bare root hedging is in stock, mixed native hedging suitable for small or large gardens is provided, hedging is available in different heights, and Michael can advise on what type of hedging is suitable for individual garden projects in Carlow.

The hedging in Carlow supplied by Ask Me Landscaping includes: bare rooted whitethorn, Quickthorn hedging, Blackthorn hedging, Hazel hedging, Laurel hedging, Beech hedging and evergreen hedging.

A hedge and tree planting service in Carlow is provided by Ask Me Landscaping.

Hedge planting service CarlowHaving completed many hedge planting projects under the GLAS Scheme & Fencing of Watercourses in Carlow, Michael is highly experienced in planting hedges, a nationwide planting and delivery service is available, and free estimates on hedge planting in Carlow are provided.

The hedge and tree planting services in Carlow available from Ask Me Landscaping include: garden hedge planting, tree planting, farm hedge planting, boundary hedge planting, Beech hedge, and all types of tree planting.

For more information on hedging in Carlow, phone 087 634 5418.