Michael Bannon Hoofcareimage of hoof trimming from Michael Bannon HoofcareMichael Bannon Hoofcare in Cavan, is a cattle hoof care professional who specialises in providing hoof care to all types of cattle throughout County Cavan.

As a local hoof trimmer in Cavan, Michael has over 30 experience in working with livestock, is fully insured, VAT registered and uses a mobile hydraulic crush specially designed to restrain cattle when having hoofs trimmed.

The hoof trimming in Cavan provided by Michael Bannon Hoofcare includes hoof trimming for, dairy cows, suckler cows, beef cows, stock bulls, beef cattle, purebred cattle and young stock bulls.

image of dairy cows from Michael Bannon HoofcareHoof care for dairy cows in Cavan is provided by Michael Bannon Hoofcare.

Having studied the causes, control and prevention of hoof problems in dairy cows, Michael indentifies hoof ailments in individual cows, each hoof is trimmed to alleviate its particular hoof problem and hoof care for dairy cows in Cavan can be arranged at short notice.

The hoof care for dairy cows in Cavan available from Michael Bannon Hoofcare is beneficial in the control of; Lameness, Foot infections, Abscesses, Foot Rot, Heel Erosions, Laminitis, Sole Ulcers, Digital Dermatitis, Claw deformity, 'Corkscrew' claw, Rumen Acidosis, Acute Laminitis, Subclinical Laminitis and Chronic Laminitis.

pregnancy scanning software for cattle from Michael Bannon HoofcarePregnancy scanning of cows is carried out by Michael Bannon Hoofcare in Cavan.

Using modern portable ultrasound scanning equipment, cows can be scanned for pregnancy accurately, Michael scans cows causing minimal distress to the animal and pregnancy scanning of cows in Cavan can be arranged at times to suit individual requirements.

The pregnancy scanning of cows available from Michael Bannon Hoofcare in Cavan includes scanning; dairy cows, suckler cows and heifers.

For more information on cattle hoof care in Cavan phone Michael on 087 137 4321.