David Caffrey provides an Animal Scanning Service in Cavan, Meath, Westmeath and Monaghan.

Using the most up to date scanning equipment in the North East, David’s scanning service accurately scans farm animals for early diagnosis of pregnancy.

The scanning service provided by David’s Irish North East scanning include, Cow scanning, Sheep scanning, Goat scanning, Horse scanning, Ewe scanning, Heifer scanning, Mare scanning and Alpaca.

Early Pregnancy Scanning is critical for good farm management in all breeding stock.

Farmers and Horse breeders will maximise profitability by having all pregnant animals scanned at the right time.

Having breeding animals pregnancy scanned by David’s Irish North East scanning company will show the following results including, Pregnancy scan, Pre-Mating scan, Six week in calf scan, Twin lamb disease, Twin lambs, Lamb triplets, Twin calf’s, Not pregnant and caring triplets.  

David specialises in Freeze branding cows and young heifers in Cavan, Meath, Westmeath and Monaghan allowing identification of cow herds through a unique number system.

This Cattle Freeze branding service is very effective for dairy herd management allowing dairy cows to be scanned during milking and between milking minimising cows away from pasture thereby reducing milk production time.

The benefits of Freeze Branding with Animal Scanning Services provided by David Caffrey include: accurate milk recording, permanent cattle branding, milking parlour identification and stock identification. 

David is highly experience in Horse Scanning and having mares scanned at the right time can help diagnose and deal with all types of possible Horse breeding problems.

Mares Pre covering scanning will show how well the mare is progressed towards a covering.

After the mare has been inseminated or covered, a first scan should be made on day 2-3, to ensure ovulation has occurred Pregnancy diagnosis is then made on day 14-16 when the mare is also checked for twins. If scanned as not in foal at this stage, then the mare can be covered on the next cycle, as long as her ovaries are cycling correctly. Scanning again at 25-30 days confirms the fetus has attached onto the uterus and that a heartbeat is present. Further scans can be done at 40 to 60 days to assess normal fetal development.

Grooving farmyard concrete is a service that David provides in Cavan, Meath, Westmeath and Monaghan.

With David’s long experience in visiting farms throughout the North East he can advise on what type of concrete grooving is best suited to animal requirements in all aspects of slippery concrete flooring on different farmyards.

Grooving concrete on farmyards is the ideal nonslip solution in the following farm areas including; Milking parlours, Sloping yards, Smooth concreate, Cattle crushes, Collecting yards, Calving pens, Bull pens and Cattle cubicles.

An approved mobile animal weighing service compliant with BEEP-S Programme is provided by David Caffrey throughout counties Cavan, Meath, Westmeath and Monaghan.

With a mobile registered ICBF weighing scale, David is highly experienced in working with livestock, familiar with ICBF and BEEP regulations, weighs cows, sucklers and cattle on farm yards, weights can be recorded in all formats and  weighing scales are washed and disinfected after each individual herd weighing service.

The BEEP-S Programme compliant mobile animal weighing service provided by David Caffrey throughout Cavan, Meath, Westmeath and Monaghan includes on farm weighing of; suckler cows, beef cows, suckler calves and all farm animals.

For any further enquiries please contact David on 086 8923971.