Cavan E-Bikes are an electric bike supplier in Belturbet, County Cavan who specialise in selling electric bikes in Cavan and throughout Ireland.

As a local electric bike retailer in Cavan, Cavan E-Bikes stock a wide range of city, off road and mountain e-bikes in their electric bike showroom in Cavan and electric bikes can be bought online and shipped throughout Ireland.

The electric bikes in Cavan sold by Cavan E-Bikes include; city electric bikes, road electric bikes, mountain electric bikes, cross-county electric bikes, fat tyre bikes and commuter electric bikes.

Electric city bikes in Cavan are supplied by Cavan E-Bikes.

Manufactured with lightweight aluminium alloy frames the Cavan E-Bikes is specially designed for cycling in Cities with comfortable seating, optimal field of vision and an energy efficient high power motor to assist pedaling.

The electric city bikes in Cavan supplied by Cavan E-Bikes are ideal for; commuting to work, cycling to work, cycling in traffic, cycling in town, cycling in city, cycling to school and urban cycling.

Fat tyre electric bikes in Cavan are supplied by Cavan E-Bikes.

Built for cycling on and off road, the fat tyre electric bikes supplied by Cavan E-Bikes have strong corrosion-resistant frames and a powerful geared motor which can sense the effort made by the cyclist and adjusts motor power accordingly for a steady relaxed ride.

The fat tyre electric bikes in Cavan supplied by Cavan E-Bikes have the following benefits; all weather electric bike, low maintenance electric bike, low carbon footprint electric bikes, energy efficient e-bikes, low travel cost e-bikes, electric bicycle touring, long distance ebike cycling, electric bikes for rough terrain and mountain electric bike cycling.

Knowledgeable about all aspects of electric bikes, the qualified support staff at Cavan E-Bikes can answer all questions regarding e-bikes.

Providing full after-sales customer service with every electric bike sold, the e-bikes supplied by Cavan E-Bikes are fitted with high industry standard lithium-ion batteries and electric bike batteries are covered by a 2 year after sales warranty.

Questions about electric bikes in Ireland answered by Cavan E-Bikes include; what are ebikes,what do electric bikes cost, are there different types of electric bikes, what type of e-bike would suit me, do I have to pedal an ebike, how fast can electric bikes go, how heavy is an e-bike, how long do electric bike batteries last, how much does an ebike battery cost, will rain damage my e-bike, what happens if my electric bike breaks down and how long does it take to charge an electric bike battery?

For more information call Cavan E-Bikes on 089 4204 527