Cavan Farming Solutions logoWhatsapp link Cavan farming SolutionsCavan Farming Solutions are specialists in the workings of the AgriNet HerdApp and provide remote assistance and training in all AgriNet HerdApp applications applicable to Bord Bia Audits.

Experienced in working with cloud based applications, Gerard Lynch proprietor of Cavan Farming Solutions, has worked in conjunction with AgriNet for many years, is familiar with all applications available in the AgriNet HerdApp and provides full preparation of all documentation for Bord Bia Audits throughout Ireland.

The AgriNet HerdApp services in Ireland provided by Cavan Farming Solutions include; AgriNet HerdApp training, AgriNet HerdApp support, AgriNet HerdApp reports, AgriNet HerdApp analysis and AgriNet HerdApp services for farmers witout the AgriNet HerdApp.

image of farming document types from Cavan Farming SolutionsFarm document preparation for Bord Bia Audits in Ireland is provided by Cavan Farming Solutions.

Highly knowledgeable in Bord Bia Audit regulations, Gerard provides easy to use solutions for collecting and storing information required for Bord Bia Audits, farm audits can be uploaded to Bord Bia database and a PDF and printed report can be sent to each client.

The farm document preparation in Ireland available from Cavan Farming Solutions includes completing; farm reports, herd reports, animal reports, birth recording, medicine recording, weight gains and complete data on recording all aspects of breeding and milk production of dairy herds.

Analysing the content of AgriNet HerdApp applications in Ireland is a speciality of Cavan Farming Solutions.image of cattle heard, Cavan Farming Solutions

Having studied the AgriNet HerdApp data archives of the top 10% high yielding dairy farms in Ireland, farm profitability comparisons can be assessed, and as an experienced dairy farmer, Gerard can advise on ways to improve farm production and farm visits throughout Ireland can be arranged.

On analysing AgriNet HerdApp applications, Cavan Farming Solutions will provide advice on; higher farm production, reducing farm costs, milk production, cow genetics, herd management, cow fertility and grass management.

image of AgriNet HerdApp in use, Cavan Farming SolutionsEasy farm record solutions are available from Cavan Farming Solutions.

All aspects of processing farm records are catered for, Gerard can create and manage an AgriNet HerdApp application for inputting data and farm returns, and all documentation and treatments used on farms are collated in a professional report.

The farm recording solutions available from Cavan Farming Solutions include; inputting data for, inspections on farm returns, medicine recording, sustainability surveys, loading records to Bord Bia, farm inspection queries and on-site AgriNet HerdApp training.

For more information on AgriNet HerdApp applications phone 087 271 0598 - 086 233 8982.