Geraldine Farrelly Brady & Cavan Physical Therapy Clinic in Moynehall County Cavan is a long established therapy clinic providing Physical Therapy and Lymphoedema treatment in County Cavan.

Based in Cavan town Geraldine Farrelly Brady ( R.G.N – M.I.A.P.T – M.I.R.I  ) is highly qualified and provides physiotherapy treatments and assessments in Cavan Lymph Clinic.

Geraldine Farrelly Brady practices as a physical therapist in County Cavan and also provides Lymphoedema treatment at Cavan Lynph Clinic from where she treating patients from the following areas: Cavan Town, Kingscourt, Cootehill, Ballyjamesduff and Bailieborough.

Geraldine Farrelly Brady & Cavan Physical Therapy ClinicBased in County Cavan Physical Therapist Geraldine Farrelly Brady is fully qualified physical therapist and a member of Irish Association of Physical Therapists.

As a Cavan Physical Therapist Geraldine provides treatments and assessments of Sports injuries to many GAA Clubs and Sports clubs in the County Cavan, Longford and Leitrim.

Geraldine physical therapy clinic in Cavan treats medical conditions such as: Sports physiotherapy injuries, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Muscle Tears, Muscle Strains, Neck Pains, Nerve pains, Shoulder pains and many other Muscle tissue and strain injuries.

Geraldine Farrelly Brady is a Lymphoedema Therapist and practices in Cavan Lymph Clinic in Arva, County Cavan.

A specialist in Lymphoedema and highly trained (Dr Vodder) Geraldine provides treatment of Lymphoedema and other Lymphoedema related disorders in County Cavan.

Cavan Lymph Clinic provides a range of treatments for Lymphoedema and other Lymphoedema related disorders including: Swelling in the body, Swelling in the Limbs, Excess fluid, Lymphatic fluid, Edema, Skin disorders and circulation conditions.

Foot Orthotic practitioner Geraldine Farrelly Brady provides a Biomechanical Assessment service from her Cavan Physical Therapy Clinic in Moynehall County Cavan.

Qualified in ( R.G.N – M.I.A.P.T – M.I.R.I  ) Geraldine's Cavan foot clinic conducts a biomechanical assessment on patients and supplies foot Orthotic devices to correct foot imbalance.

Geraldine Cavan foot clinic provides orthotic therapy treatments and assessments including: Examination of Feet, Legs, Hips, Lower Spine, A complete history analysis, Gait analysis and Range of motion and alignment assessments.

Geraldine Farrelly Brady is a qualified Reflexologist offering reflexology treatments to clients from her Clinic in Cavan Physical Therapy Clinic.

Reflexology is a treatment provided by Geraldine Farrelly Brady ( R.G.N – M.I.A.P.T – M.I.R.I  ) in County Cavan offering relief to Modern Day Ailments. 

The medical conditions that can benifit from visiting Geraldines Cavan Reflexology Clinic include; Digestive Problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Insomnia, Disturbed sleep patterns, Eczema, Anxiety, Depression, Hayfever and Sinusitis.

For more information Contact Geraldine Farrelly Brady at 087 8369 009