Dog Training Cavan - Charlie’s Dog Training

Charlie’s Dog Training are professional dog trainers in Cavan, who specialises in at-home dog training for all breed of dogs and puppies throughout County Cavan.

Dog Training Cavan - Charlie’s Dog TrainingAs an I.M.D.T (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) qualified dog trainer in Cavan, Charlie has many years' experience in training dogs of all temperaments, is Garda vetted and uses positive reinforcement reward training which is very effective training for all types of dogs.

The dog and puppy training in Cavan provided by Charlie’s Dog Training includes; dog training, puppy training, dog obedience training, dog behaviour training and dog training advice.

Dog obedience training in Cavan is a speciality of Charlie’s Dog Training.

Dog Obedience Training Cavan - Charlie’s Dog TrainingCarrying out all training in the dog’s home environment, Charlie specialises in force free reward based dog training methods, dog training plans are devised based on the needs of dogs and their owners, and Charlie provides practical help and advice on all dog obedience training concerns.

The dog training in Cavan available from Charlie’s Dog Training includes; home dog training, dog training in your own home, group dog training, one to one dog training, dog basic manners, positive reinforcement training, 6 week instruction video course, and mobile dog training.

Puppy obedience training in Cavan is provided by Charlie’s Dog Training.

Puppy obedience Training Cavan - Charlie’s Dog TrainingHaving completed the Perfect Puppy Foundations and the Puppy Lab dog training courses, Charlie is knowledgeable in the most important aspects of training puppies, advises on the importance of socialising puppies with other dogs, teaches owners and puppies voice control thus strengthening their bond, and house training for puppies can be arranged at times to suit individual requirements.

The puppy training in Cavan available from Charlie’s Dog Training includes; puppy training, puppy house training, puppy basic manners, one to one puppy training, puppy lead training and group puppy training.

Dog behaviour training in Cavan is carried out by Charlie’s Dog Training.

Dog Behaviour Training Cavan - Charlie’s Dog TrainingAs an accredited Canine Principles Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation diploma holder, Charlie identifies the causes of many behavioural issues in dogs, corrective behaviour training can be carried out one-to-one ensuring special attention to the needs of each individual dog, and phone and e-mail support is available for all owners outside of dog training classes.

The dog behaviour training in Cavan available from Charlie’s Dog Training includes addressing; adult dog house training, leave it instruction, dog separation anxiety, off lead dog training, walking dog on a lead, aggressive canine behaviour, stay instruction, sit instruction and teaching a dog to come when called.

Advice on dog training is available from Cavan dog trainer Charlie’s Dog Training Wags and Wiggles.

Dog Training Cavan - Charlie’s Dog TrainingQualified in all aspects of dog training, Charlie has a background in animal care, has completed many courses on dog training, dog psychology and dog health and is happy to answer all questions on dog training.

The questions Charlie’s Dog Training Wags and Wiggles often answer include; How do you housetrain a puppy? How do you housetrain an older dog? Who provides one to one dog training in Cavan? Who provides dog training at weekends? Who provides dog training house calls?

For more information on dog training in Cavan phone Charlie 087 608 9791