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Breffni Pest Control are fully qualified in all aspects of Pest control with years of experience as a Pest control expert in Cavan offering expert, efficient and professional Pest control services throughout the North East and North West Area.

As a Pest control expert, Breffni Pest control are available to provide a pest control service in the following counties including, Cavan, Monaghan, Longford, Roscommon Meath, Westmeath, Louth, Dublin and Kildare.

Breffni Pest Control CavanPest infestation is a serious problem at home and in the business premises. Breffni Pest Control are experienced in all aspects of Pest infestation and their trained Pest control staff are highly experience in all types of Pest infestation.

Breffni Pest control, Cavan provides a complete Pest control service with targeted treatments to deal with the following Pest infestation including, rodent infestation,  rat infestation, mice infestation, mole infestation,  insect infestation and bird infestation.

Breffni Pest Control CavanInsect infestation is a speciality of this Cavan Pest control company. Breffni Pest control have a full Insect infestation removal service and they guarantee your premises will be insect free after they preform their specialised insect infestation removal service.

Breffni Pest control Insect infestation service will remove any of the following insects including, wasps, fleas, common house flies, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs,Flying insects and common house flies

Breffni Pest Control CavanBreffni Pest control have experience in dealing with Pest control in all types of buildings and have all the pest control equipment  to deal with pest control with all types of infestations.

Breffni Pest Control experts can take control of the pest infestation before pest infestation has the chance to get out of hand.

Breffni Pest control provide a pest control service to the following premises including, Pest control in Café’s, Pest control in Restaurants, Pest control in Hotels, Pest control in catering, Pest control in schools, Pest control in homes, Pest control in rental accommodation and pest control in business.

Breffni Pest control stock a wide range of pest control equipment to ensure the extermination of Pest infestation including, Rodent infestation, Insect infestation, Bird infestation any type of infestation.

Breffni Pest control stock Bird infestation natural gel repellent, an Insect infestation electric fly killer, Insect infestation fly spray treatment, Pest infestation pvc strip curtains, insect infestation screens and other types of Pest control products.

With their many years experience in pest control in cavan and surrounding counties Breffni Pest control Cavan can answer any questions you may have regarding Pest infestation. 

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