BMW Engine ServicesBMW Engine Services are qualified mechanics in Cavan, who specialise in N47 & N57 BMW engine repairs and BMW automatic gearbox ZF6/ZF8 repairs in their BMW service centre in Shercock, County Cavan.

BMW engine rebuilds - Sunnyside MotorsSpecialising in BMW N47 and N57 engine servicing, BMW Engine Services, a sector of Sunnyside Motors, is operated by Conor, who having served his mechanics apprenticeship in a BMW garage, is highly knowledgeable in problems common to N47 and N57 BMW engines and with all the equipment required for BMW engine servicing, all BMW N47 and N57 engine servicing is undertaken.

The BMW engine maintenance in Ireland carried out by BMW Engine Services includes: BMW N47 engine servicing, BMW N57 engine servicing, BMW ZF6 gearbox repairs, BMW ZF8 gearbox repairs and all BMW engine maintenance.

Timing chain replacements on BMW N47 and BMW N57 engines in Ireland are a speciality of BMW Engine Services.

Timing chain repairs from BMW Engine RebuildsWith all the locking tool kits required for changing timing chains on BMW N47 and BMW N57 engines, Conor has changed timing chains on numerous BMW engines, is highly experienced in what order to remove engine parts when fitting BMW timing belts, knows the correct locking procedure for BMW timing chain replacements, genuine BMW timing chain kits are available, and free estimates on BMW timing chain replacements are provided.

The timing chain replacements for BMW engines in Ireland carried out by BMW Engine Services includes: BMW N47  timing chain replacements, BMW N57 timing chain replacement and changing timing belts on BMW series 1,3,4,5,6,7 X3, and X5.

BMW ZF6/ZF8 automatic gearbox servicing and repair in Ireland is carried out by BMW Engine Services.

gearbox repairs from BMW Engine RepairsFamiliar with identifying misdiagnosed problems common to ZF6/ZF8 BMW gearboxes, Conor has the latest BMW scanning software which can read codes off the mechatronics unit, mechatronics units are fitted, solenoid fault codes can be read, ZF6 and ZF8 transmission solenoids can be fully or partially replaced, mechatronic sleeve replacements are carried out, and BMW ZF6/ZF8 gearbox repairs can be arranged at short notice.

The BMW gearbox repairs in Ireland carried out by BMW Engine Services includes: BMW ZF6 gearbox repairs, BMW ZF8 gearbox repairs, BMW ZF6 transmission repairs, BMW ZF8 transmission repairs, BMW gearbox servicing, BMW gearbox reconditioning, and BMW gearbox rebuilds.

For more information on BMW engine servicing in Ireland, phone Conor - 087 115 1825