Turbo Chip Ltd, Shercock, Cavan is the largest Irish chip tuning company with dealers all over Europe and provides chip tuning services for vehicles in Co. Cavan and Ireland.

This Cavan chip tuning company provides a fully mobile service with highly skilled staff who have many years experience in the industry. 

Turbo Chip Ltd. supply their chip tuning services throughout Ireland and Co. Cavan, including Bailieborough, Shercock, Cootehill, Cavan town, Kingscourt, Mullagh and Virginia.

Chip Tuning - What is it and what are the advantages?

Turbo Chip Ltd. provide a chip tuning service that means changing or modifying an erasable, programmable, read only, memory chip in the electronic control unit (ECU) of a vehicle to achieve superior performance.

This Cavan chip tuning company have all the latest tools and equipment and develop their own software.

Turbo Chip Ltd. can chip tune almost all, giving between 5-200 extra horse power and extra torque. Most modern cars use a computer which controls the fuel amount, starting hours and the turboburst. Changing or adjusting the parameters can increase the efficiency and the turning-moment for turbo-engines which makes better use of the motor. Advantages of chip tuning are optimised performance, less fuel consumption, more power, and cleaner emissions.

ECU Repair Volvo F10 trucks, Buses, ADBLUE Removal and Correction are some of the services available from Turbo Chip Ltd in Cavan.

Turbo Chip Ltd., Cavan have the latest computers and specially developed software to provide you with the best service.

This chip tuning company in Shercock, Co. Cavan can give you 10% less fuel consumption, 20% more power, 30% less gear changes, truck and car chipping, chiptuning and remapping from highly trained staff.  Chip tuning can improve, engine performance, save fuel and increase power. Trucks and vans, and vehicles from brands such as Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo, tractors, and modern cars can be chip tuned.

Turbo Chip Ltd., Shercock, Cavan provide a fully mobile chiptuning service in engine remapping.

This chip tuning company in Cavan can remap the engines in trucks, cars, vans, tractors, marine boats, all agricultural vehicles and self propelled harvestors.Turbo Chip Shercock can remove the memory chip from the ECU control box in your vehicle and read the information stored on it with special equipment.

Changing the parameters on the chip increases horsepower and reduces fuel consumpion. Turbo Chip Ltd. then reinstall the chip and replace the ECU in the vehicle to complete the tuning. Turbo Chip Ltd. also provide adblue correction, Adblue Removal, remapping and Nox Sensor.