Seamus Tierney is an Agricultural contractor who provides an agricultural contracting service throughout Stradone and County Cavan.

With over 20 years experience in the agricultural contracting business, this Cavan agricultural contractor is highly skilled in all aspects of agricultural work to provide you with a thorough, professional agricultural contracting service.

The agricultural services provided by this Cavan agricultural contractor include mowing, site clearance, rock breaking and land drainage.

Seamus Tierney’s agricultural contracting company specialise in all types of crop preparation in County Cavan.

The staff at this Cavan agricultural contractor are fully qualified and fully insured to carry out all types of agricultural contracting providing you with an excellent speed of service at a cost efficient price.

The services provided by this Cavan agricultural contractor include field mowing, baling, tractor hire, silage harvesting, crop harvesting, ploughing, combine harvesting, hay baling, straw baling, bale wrapping and reseeding.

Providing a comprehensive site clearance service throughout  County Cavan is a speciality of Seamus Tierney Groundworks.

Using the most modern machinery, This Cavan Site Clearance Company are fully equipped to deal with the most challenging site clearances with all work being carried out to the highest possible standard.

This Cavan Site Clearance Company provides many types of site clearance including rock breaking, Residential Site Clearance, Industrial Site Clearance, Commercial Site Clearance and Agricultural Site Clearance.

Land drainage is a speciality of this Cavan Agricultural Contractor.

With a professional land drainage system in place on your land, the quality of your land and crops will increase dramatically. This Land drainage company in Cavan have perfected a wide range of different types of land drainage systems to provide you with the one which best suites the requirements for your land.

The land drainage systems provided by this Cavan land drainage company include ground water drainage systems, shallow drainage systems and land drainage maintenance.

If you have any further questions please contact Seamus on 086 8234289.