Minogue Upholstery provides a top quality re-upholstery service for domestic and commercial customers all over Killaloe and Ballina County Clare.

As a Killaloe based professional re-upholsterer Minogue Upholstery offers an affordable full upholstery service to all customers in the Killaloe, Ballina and surrounding areas.

This re-upholstery business, Minogue Upholstery has gained the reputation of being the best upholsterer in the Ballina and Killaloe area, upholstery services include, Commercial upholstery, domestic upholstery, commercial upholstery, the best upholstery service, re-upholsterer Killaloe, recovering furniture, re-upholsterer Clare. Based in Killaloe, Minogue Upholstery have customers coming from all over the Ballina, Killaloe, county Clare and surrounding areas.

Specialising in re-upholstering all types of furniture for domestic customers, Minogue Upholstery Ballina provides a quality and affordable upholstery and furniture repair service in killaloe and Ballina areas.

With a varied range of fabrics to choose from, Minogue Upholstery Ballina can recover furniture in a variety of styles to suit individual styles and tastes in interior design.

Killaloe’s leading upholsterer, Minogue Upholstery Ballina can recover all household furniture to suit the customers taste, services include, recovering chairs, upholstering furniture, upholstering sofas, cushion covers, recovering headboards, respringing chairs, interior design, upholstering old furniture, household upholstery repairs.

As an Upholstery specialist, Minogue Upholstery Killaloe is expert in re-upholstering all types of furniture for the commercial markets including pubs, shops and offices in the Killaloe, Clare and surrounding areas.

Professional upholstery business Minogue Upholstery Killaloe provides a full commercial upholstering and repair service in the county Clare and surrounding areas.

Minogue Upholstering Killaloe offers an expert upholstering service to all types of commercial businesses including pubs, shops, restaurants and hotels, other services include, re-upholstering furniture for hotels, commercial upholstering Clare, re-upholstering for restaurants, affordable commercial upholstering, commercial upholstery specialist, upholstering antique furniture, commercial furniture repairs.

As a Clare based furniture repairs business, Minogue Upholstery provides a full furniture upholstery repair service in the Killaloe Ballina and surrounding areas.

Professional upholstery repair business Minogue Upholstery offers a quality and affordable upholstery repair service for residential and commercial customers in the  Killaloe and county Clare areas.

Highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of furniture repairs, Minogue Upholstery are the best in the area for all upholstery repairs at an affordable cost, services include, restoring old furniture, repairing tears in sofas, repairing leather chairs, repairing old headboards, furniture repairs for hotels, re-springing chairs and sofas, fabric repairs, affordable furniture repairs.

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