Jack Byrnes who operates the Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre is a fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist who specialises in Removing Addiction, Banishing Fears, Overcoming Depression and he provides a Hypnotherapy service that has enhanced the lives his many of my clients throughout Ireland.

Treatment available at the Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre includes, Stop Smoking Programs, Weight Loss Programs, Motivation Programs, Overcoming Depression and help in dealing with anxiety problems.

Stop smoking cessation programs. Nicotine addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome but at the Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre Jack Byrnes Stop Smoking Clinic has helped many smokers to permanently quit cigarette smoking and quit tobacco smoking.

Participating in Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre Stop Stopping Program will help enable the following, Quit Smoking Permanently, Lower the chances of cancer, save money on cigarettes, Increase your fitness,

Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre Weight Control Programme. Been Over Weight is one of the greatest health problems in Ireland today.  The revolutionary new virtual gastric band technique is a new way to overcome obesity and the virtual gastric band technique is hugely successful in helping overweight people lose weight.

Losing weight can lessen an obese persons likelihood of many medical problems including, Prevent Heart disease, Prevent Diabetes, Lower Blood Pressure, Lower Cholesterol, Improve Sleep and a better sex life.

Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre is renowned for its Treatment for Fears and Phobias and they have one of the highest successes in treatment for Fears and Phobias in Ireland.

With Advanced Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Jack Byrnes has cured people for many of the following Fears and Phobias including, Fear of flying, Fear of Birds, Fear of heights, Fear of spiders, Fear of rats, Fear of dogs Etc.

Depression is a medical condition that requires a qualified counsellor with experience in mental health. Jack Byrnes is a totally confidential counsellor and he is qualified in both Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which makes him the ideal choice of Counsellor to deal with any depression you may be suffering from.

By using tried and tested hypnotic and emotional freedom techniques Nirvana Hypnotherapy Centre can help the following, Depression, Worries, Anxiety, Driving test anxiety, Stop nail biting, Interview nervousness and Shyness.

For more information call Jack on 087 922 5733.