BER Assessor BERACO logoBeraco is a Clare BER assessor and renewable energy consultant specialising in energy rating assessments and BER assessments in County Clare.

As a BER assessor in Clare, Paudie Hehir, proprietor of Beraco is qualified under European Energy Performance for Buildings Regulations and has many years experience in BER assessments for residential properties and commercial buildings and can advise on energy efficiency improvements of all types of buildings.

The building energy rating services in Clare provided by Beraco include BER assessments for; commercial buildings, residential buildings, rental properties and BER snag reports.

Commercial BER assessments in Clare are carried out by Beraco.

Experienced in assessing older commercial properties in Clare, Paudie calculates energy ratings using specialist BER software and completes a detailed list of recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

The commercial BER assessments in Clare completed by Beraco include BER assessments for; office buildings, retail premises, shopping centres, factories, warehouses, pubs, schools, gyms, garages, medical offices and farm buildings.

Residential BER assessments in Clare are provided by Beraco.

Having studied energy conservation in residential properties, Paudie carries out assessments on insulation, heating systems and boiler systems and can recommend solutions for reducing energy costs.

The residential BER assessments in Clare carried out by Beraco includes; home energy advice, energy efficient homes, saving on energy bills, saving on heating bills, wall insulation, roof insulation, energy efficient oil boilers, energy efficient gas boilers, solar panels, environmentally friendly homes and home energy grants.

Rental property BER assessments in Clare are provided by Beraco.

Familiar with rental property regulations, Paudie assesses building energy performance and issues Building Energy Rating Certificates for landlords and free quotes for BER assessments are available.

The rental property BER assessments in Clare carried out by Beraco include; energy rating assessments, BER reports, BER certificates and energy efficiency recommendations.

Energy saving assessments in Clare are provided by Beraco.

Knowledgable on the range of energy home grants available, Paudie is SEI registered to carry out energy efficiency assessments and can advise on home energy upgrades.

The home energy saving assessments in Clare provided by Beraco incude; boosting energy efficiency, improving insulation, improving air tightness, window glazing performance, reducing heat loss, reducing energy consumption, lowering energy costs, floor insulation assessment, heating system tests and advice on home energy grants.

For further information call Paudie Hehir on 086 045 6537