McClean Thermal Imaging are thermal imaging consultations'Image of Donagh McClean of McClean Thermal Imaging with blower door technology in Donegal in Donegal who specialise in providing thermal imaging testing and heat loss surveys in County Donegal.

As Donegal thermal imaging thermographers, Donagh McClean, proprietor of McClean Thermal Imaging, is VAT registered, fully insured and has many years experience providing air tightness tests and building heat loss inspections throughout Donegal.

The thermal imaging in Donegal provided by McClean Thermal Imaging includes; thermal imaging testing, heat loss surveys, air tightness testing, heating system leak detections and building heat loss inspection.

Image of heat loss inspection of building in Donegal taken by McClean Thermal Imaging, building heat loss inspections in Donegal are undertaken by McClean Thermal ImagingBuilding heat loss inspections in Donegal are carried out by McClean Thermal Imaging.

Using infrared thermal imaging technology and heat loss quantifying software, building thermography surveys are undertaken ensuring all properties inspected are energy efficient, infrared thermography reveals gaps in window frames and areas of missing insulation enabling repairs to avoid future heat loss and Donagh provides complete heat loss reports upon completion of building heat loss inspections.

The building heat loss inspections in Donegal available from McClean Thermal Imaging identify heat loss sources in all buildings including; new buildings, commercial buildings, offices, houses, apartments, shops, factories and all other buildings.

Image of door with air pressure weaknesses around it in Donegal, air tightness testing in Donegal is provided by McClean Thermal ImagingAir tightness testing in Donegal is a speciality of McClean Thermal Imaging.

Familiar in common areas of air pressure in buildings, Donagh uses blower door technology to locate draught sources in buildings, is knowledgeable in all Building Energy Rating Assessment requirements, ensures all air weakness concerns are identified and Donagh can advise on best draught sealing methods following all building air tightness inspections.

The air tightness testing in Donegal available from McClean Thermal Imaging is ideal for detecting air pressure weaknesses including; heat loss in ceilings, heat loss in walls, heat loss in windows, heat loss in doorframes, attic heat loss and heat loss problems in all buildings.

Image of heating system leak in Donegal, heating system leaks in Donegal are located by McClean Thermal ImagingBuilding thermal imaging mapping surveys and electrical thermal imaging surveys in Donegal are carried out by McClean Thermal Imaging.

With top of the range building thermal imaging camera technology, Donagh assesses heat loss in all type of properties,  McClean Thermal Imaging provide repair programmes thus ensuring major leaks are prioritised and free quotations on all thermal imaging services are provided.

The thermal imaging in Donegal carried out by McClean Thermal Imaging; identifies, electrical defects, transformer cooling faults, motor winding faults, MCB board faults, switch board faults, battery bank faults, control panel faults and is ideal for; locating heat loss in; underfloor pipes, testing heating systems, testing heating system performances and detecting radiator inefficiencies.

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