JD Burner, waste oil burners burn all types of waste oil – engine, gear and hydraulic oils into energy.  Waste oil burners are a very efficient way of heating your home or business. 

JD Burner, waste oil burners, is an ideal way of disposing and reusing waste oil. 

JD Burner, waste oil burners will heat your home, shop, office, business or hot water for less than nothing.

If you are worried about just using a waste oil burner as your main source of heating, DON’T.  

The JD Burner waste oil burner will fit onto your existing boiler so therefore you have the back -up of your other heating system as well. 

JD Burner provide a fully wrap around waste oil burner and a long chamber boiler with 4 baffel plates inside.  The waste oil burner has a door fitted for easy access for inspection, servicing and cleaning.  The waste oil burner has a built on oil pump and a stainless steel element in the pre-heater. Therefore you get the most ideal home heating system when using a waste oil burner in conjunction with your existing heating system.

Do you have a problem with disposing of waste oil?

If you have a problem with disposing of waste oil why not do what many business and homes are now doing. Many businesses and homes now use waste oil burners as an excellent solution for disposing of waste oil and by doing so will benefit from free heating and free hot water. 

Do you want to reduce your energy bills and become eco friendly at the same time?

If you answered yes then you need to contact JD Burner who supply and fit waste oil burners for domestic or business purposes.  JD Burner sell waste oil burners that reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint by using your waste oil as a free heating fuel. 

JD Burner, waste oil burners are budget friendly.

Unlike some renewable energy sources such as geo thermal or solar panels, a waste oil burner will pay for itself within one year.  All waste oil burner parts are available in Ireland and are CE marked.

Contact Donal McKeown on 087 1815694 for a quote on a waste oil burner.