SMK Imports in Dublin are the leading supplier of Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs in Ireland and supply a wide range of Ezviz Wireless smart security products from their wholesalers in Ashbourne.

All Ezviz Wireless Alarm Kits supplied by Martin, proprietor of SMK imports in Dublin are easy to install and cleverly designed by home security experts Ezviz using the latest security technology for complete property protection.

The Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs in Dublin available from SMK Imports are suitable for; home security, alarm systems, smart alarm systems, wireless alarm systems, security alarms and are compatible with the following Ezviz products; security cameras, IP security cameras, cameras surveillance cameras, video surveillance cameras, wireless security cameras, outdoor security cameras, indoor security cameras and night vision security cameras.

SMK Imports specialise in supplying Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs in Dublin and with extensive knowledge of security systems, Martin can advise on the Ezviz security equipment best suited to individual requirements.

By connecting to home WiFi connections the Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hub is capable of syncing with up to 32 wireless detectors and alarm system add-ons and SMK imports in Dublin supply a range of Ezviz security products that will easily integrate with Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs.

The security products compatible with Ezviz Alarm Hubs available from SMK imports in Dublin include; wireless security cameras, indoor movement sensors, smoke detectors, indoor alarm sirens, water leak detectors and panic buttons.

Viewing and controlling the Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs supplied by SMK Imports in Dublin is made easy using the user friendly Ezviz mobile app.

Enabling the arming and disarming of the Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hub from any location is a key feature of the Ezviz mobile App and push notifications including the alarm being triggered and motion detection will be sent from the Ezviz Alarm Hub to mobile devices via WiFi connection.

The Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hub available from SMK Imports in Dublin can be viewed on; smartphones, ios, android, iphones, tablets, laptops, computers and smart televisions.

Securely storing hours of recorded video footage the Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs supplied by SMK Imports in Dublin are compatible with many security cameras.

HD Surveillance videos of property can be saved on the Ezviz Alarm hub and live CCTV footage from Ezviz security cameras can be easily viewed at any time using the Ezviz mobile app.

The Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs in Dublin supplied by SMK Imports enable home owners to view; live surveillance footage, CCTV video recording, digital security recordings, CCTV video playback, motion detection security camera recording, and CCTV images.

With a wide variety of features the Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs in Dublin supplied by SMK Imports are suitable for residential property security and commercial property security.


With a wireless range of up to 100m from detectors that is essential in securing large commercial properties and an integrated panic button feature, ideal for homes occupied by the elderly the Ezviz Wireless Smart Alarm system has numerous benefits for all security purposes.   

The Ezviz Wireless Alarm Hubs in Dublin supplied by SMK Imports monitor the safety of; elderly relatives, domestic property, residential property, commercial property, storage yards and garages.

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