Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing are registered gas boiler engineers in Balbriggan providing gas boiler installations and gas boiler servicing in Balbriggan.

As a local plumber in Balbriggan, Shay Healy, proipriter of Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing, is SEAI approved (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) and is fully qualified in servicing all makes and models of boilers.

The gas boiler services in Balbriggan provided by Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing include: gas boiler upgrades, new gas boiler installation and gas boiler refits.

Gas boiler servicing in Balbriggan is provided by Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing.

As a RGI registered gas boiler engineer in Balbriggan, Shay has the latest gas gas analysing equipment and issues RGI completion certificates for all gas boilers serviced.

The gas boiler and oil boiler repair services provided in Balbriggan by Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing includes: Gas boiler repair, Gas boiler maintenance, Gas boiler servicing, Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels testing, Power Flush, Gas tightness test, Gas boiler safety checks.

Oil boiler servicing in Balbriggan is provided by Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing.

Stocking spare parts for all common oil boilers, Shay is a qualified oil boiler service engineer and services and repairs all makes of oil boilers.

The oil boiler services in Balbriggan available from Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing include; Oil boiler servicing, Oil boiler repairs, Oil boiler safety checks, Oil boiler efficienty level test and Firebird oil condensing boiler servicing.

New gas boiler installations in Balbriggan forms a large part of Shay Healy's heating and plumbing work.

Installing energy efficient A rated gas boilers saves up to 50% off gas bills in home heating and Shay can advise on what type of A rated gas boiler is best suited to individual requirments.

The boiler installation services in Balbriggan provide by Shay Healy Heating & Plumbing include: Gas boiler installation, Oil boiler installation, New boiler installation, Gas Boiler replacements, Boiler refits, Boiler upgrades and New energy efficient gas boiler installations.

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