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Gilroy Heating Services are heat pump servicing contractors in Donabate, North County Dublin, who specialise in heat pump servicing and heat pump installations in Donabate, Lusk, and throughout North County Dublin.

Van, heat pump contractor Donabate Lusk MalahideAs a heat pump service engineer in North County Dublin, Michael Gilroy, proprietor of Gilroy Heating Services, is OFTEC approved, has over 30 years' experience in heat pump servicing, and installs high quality heat pump central heating systems in commercial and residential premises in Donabate and Lusk.

The heat pump services in Donabate, Lusk, and North County Dublin carried out by Gilroy Heating Services include: heat pump installations, heat pump servicing, heat pump repairs, heating system upgrades, and solar panel maintenance.

Heat pump servicing in Donabate and Lusk is provided by Gilroy Heating Services.

Servicing heat pumps, Malahide Donabate LuskAs an SEAI approved heating engineer, Michael is qualified in all aspects of heat pump servicing and installation, installs high-energy efficient air to water heat pump systems, can advise on the availability of Renewable Heat Grants and services all makes of heat pump in Donabate, Lusk, and North County Dublin.

The heat pump services in Donabate and Lusk carried out by Gilroy Heating Services include: heat pump servicing, air to water heat pump servicing, air source heat pump servicing, geothermal heat pump servicing, hybrid heat pump servicing, energy efficient heating installations, renewable energy heating installations, and SEAI grant approved heat pump installations.

Heating system upgrades in Donabate and Lusk are a speciality of Gilroy Heating Services.

Upgrading heat pump, Malahide Donabate LuskFamiliar with heating systems common in Donabate and Lusk properties, Michael can assess old heating systems and determine what high energy efficient system is best suited to heating system integration, and Michael can answer questions on heating system upgrades in old buildings.

The questions on heating system upgrades North County Dublin heat pump engineers Gilroy Heating Services can answer include: What’s the best heating system for old houses? What is the cheapest most efficient way to heat a home? How much do heating system upgrades cost? How much does it cost to install a new heating system in an old house?

Solar panel maintenance and solar panel installation in Donabate and Lusk is carried out by Gilroy Heating Services.

Solar panel services Malahide Donabate LuskHighly knowledgeable in all solar panel systems, Michael installs all leading solar panel brands in Donabate and Lusk, assesses buildings for solar panel suitability, and as an independent solar panel installer, provides impartial recommendations on the benefits of solar panel installations.

The solar panel services in Donabate and Lusk available from Gilroy Heating Services include: solar panel filling, solar panel cylinder repair, leaking solar panel repair, solar panel maintenance and repairs problems including; solar panels not heating water, solar panel cylinder temperature readings low, solar panel cylinder pump not working, and solar panel hot water systems not working.

For more information on heat pumps in Donabate and Lusk, call 086 278 8572