Computer Repairs Drumcondra provide a computer repair service in Drumcondra and the surrounding Dublin area.

The experienced computer repair technicians in Computer Repairs Drumcondra repairs a wide range of computers, laptops and digital equipment.

Computer Repairs Drumcondra can repair all makes of laptop computers, printers, secondhand laptops, secondhand computers, digital cameras, sat nav repairs, computer screen repairs and motherboard repairs.

Computer Repairs Drumcondra have a wide range of second hand laptops and computers for sale at bargain prices.

Factory refurbished laptops and factory refurbished PC’s are available from this secondhand computer shop in Drumcondra at the most affordable prices.

Secondhand laptops and computers are available from Computer Repairs Drumcondra in all of the top brands including; Dell computers, Toshiba, Samsung, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Apple Macbooks, Asus, Alienware, Notebook laptops, Sony and Compaq.

Software updating for all laptops and computers is available from Drumcondra computer repairs.

Memory upgrades and updating the operating system of a laptop or computer are a speciality of Computer Repairs in Drumcondra.

Computer Repairs Drumcondra can ensure your PC or laptop runs faster by updating software and repairing any faults including; disabling or removing unwanted startup programs, cleaning up unnecessary system files, defragmenting and optimizing hard drives, upgrades to newer operating systems, hardware cleaning, replacing CPU thermal paste, replacing drives, upgrading random access memory and upgrading CPU or graphics card.

Virus, malware and spyware removal are provided by Computer Repairs Drumcondra.

Using the latest virus removal tools, Computer Repairs Drumcondra will remove any viruses, spyware and malware from computers and laptops and install antivirus protection software to prevent future threats to your computer.

All spyware and viruses are removed by this Drumcondra Computer Repairs shop including; malware, rootkits, malicious website blocking, Trojan virus, memory resident virus, direct action virus, overwrite virus, boot sector virus, macro virus and polymorphic viruses.

Computer Repairs Drumcondra specialise in the repairing of printers, digital cameras, camcorders and sat navs.

Repairs on a wide range of digital technology are available from this Drumcondra repairs service including; camera repairs, satnav repairs, printer repairs, digital camera repairs and camcorder repairs.

Phone  01 8332939 or 086 822 1888.