Fingal Abrasive Discs

Fingal Abrasive Discs are abrasive disc manufacturers in Balbriggan, North County Dublin, who specialise in manufacturing and supplying abrasive discs, specially designed for preparing concrete floor surfaces prior to coating.

The silicone carbide abrasive discs produced by Fingal Abrasive Discs, are manufactured by Paddy O'Reilly, who has over 30 years’ experience in industrial concrete floor coatings, is very knowledgeable on surface preparation prior to coating, and Fingal Abrasive Discs supply abrasive discs throughout Ireland.

Fingal abrasive discs - concrete floor preparation

We manufacture silicon carbide abrasive discs for the surface preparation of concrete prior to coating/painting in two grades – Grade 12 discs which are coarse and Grade 24 discs which are for more refined etching, where deemed necessary.

All our manufactured discs are double sided and double layered – our Grade 12 discs consist of one layer of Grade 24 grit, followed by a layer of grade 12 grit. In the case of grade 24 discs, two layers of grit are applied, thus giving the discs extra stability and durability.

In contrast to using 16” discs, all our discs are 17” (432MM), which give them approximately 12% increased surface area more than competing standard abrasive discs.

We also manufacture recycled discs. These are discs that have been pre-used and are of an extra heavy grade.

Two recycled abrasive discs are supplied free of charge with all minimum orders of 10 discs (quantity per box) while stocks last.

We supply throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Minimum order, 10 discs.

All the abrasive discs supplied by Fingal Abrasive Discs fit under standard STR buffing machines, are competitively priced, long lasting and we can advise on the preparation of concrete floors prior to coating.

Fingal Abrasive Discs - Concrete floor prepFor further information on abrasive discs phone - 086 257 8294 or email