O'Reilly Industrial Header imagePaddy O'Reilly - Industrial Coating Ltdfloor coating North County DublinO'Reilly Industrial Coatings Company in Balbriggan, County Dublin and in Galway specialise in concrete floor painting and provides a commercial floor painting service for Industrial flooring in Dublin and Nationwide.

With Thirty years’ experience in Industrial concrete Floor painting and concrete floor treatments this Dublin concrete flooring painting company is available to paint concrete floors nationwide.

The concrete floor painting services provided by Dublin company O'Reilly Industrial Coatings is an ideal floor painting solution for any of the following businesses including garages, workshops, warehouses, factory production areas, underground carparks, terminals, brewerys and loading bay areas.

Concrete flooring North County DublinIn North County Dublin O'Reilly Industrial Coating Company provides a professional Concrete floor preparation finishing service for high-traffic concrete floor areas in commercial busineses in the Leinster and Galway area.

O'Reilly Industrial Coatings concrete flooring preparation system insures concrete abrasion thus forming a firm uniform base for painting industrial concrete floors.

The application of flooring treatments by O'Reilly Industrial Coatings creates a Safe concrete surface floor level by applying flooring applications such as: Epoxy resin coatings, dust proofing applications, concrete flooring sealers, slip resistant coatings and internal line markings. This north County Dublin Concrete floor preparation company offers this service in the Leinster area including counties Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, Westmeath, Wexford and Wicklow.

Commercial floor painting dublin & galway.Concrete floor painting by O'Reilly Industrial Coating Dublin and Galway offers a variety of concrete paint decorative colour effect finishes you can achieve for interior and exterior concrete flooring.

The commercial concrete painting services provided by Dublin based company O'Reilly Industrial Coatings for interior or exterior concrete flooring include line marking painting and design painting, coloured cement finishing, coloured concrete finishing, coloured epoxy resin coating finishes and decorative painting for concrete surfaces.

Epoxy resin Floor applications by O'reillys Industrial painting.Epoxy floor surfaces application are available from O'Reilly Industrial Coatings in North County Dublin. The highly trained staff create a professional stain resistant surface for concrete floor surfaces.

The Epoxy resin treated surface service of concrete flooring provided by O'Reilly Industrial Coatings in Dublin, creates a resin treated surface which is suitable for applying decorative concrete floor colour resin for commercial premises.

Concrete floor finishes by O'Reilly Industrial Coatings are available in a range of epoxy resin coloured surfaces creating a decorative floor coating and stain resistant concrete surface for indoor high-traffic and outdoor high-traffic locations within commercial buildings including garages, workshops, warehouses, factory production areas, underground car parks, terminals, breweries, high-traffic areas and loading bays. The Concrete floor epoxy floor application service is available to companies in the County Dublin area and in the Leinster area.

O’Reilly Industrial Coatings company create safe Non Slip high performance concrete floor to the approved recommended safety floor standards for all commercial flooring requiremenNon slip concrete flooring North County Dublints throughout County Dublin and Galway.

The full trained and experienced floor layers at this Leinster Industrial Coatings company create and provide a safe retail and industrial flooring concrete option suitable for dry or wet pedestrian or commercial environment.

Safe Non slip concrete floor preparation and finishes by this North county Dublin industrial flooring company results in safe floor concrete surfaces, Non slip painted line markings concrete surfaces, safe pedestrian concrete surface environment and safe concrete surface working areas in retail and industrial businesses.

For Concrete floor preparation and painting contact O'Reilly Industrial Painting company at 086 2578 294
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