dublin 8 car servicing logoImage shows a car in Inchicore serviced by C and G MotorsC and G Motors are car servicing mechanics in Inchicore Dublin 8 who specialise in providing car servicing and vehicle repair in their car servicing centre in Inchicore.

As local car servicing specialists in Inchicore, C and G Motors are VAT registered, are fully qualified mechanics, have many years experience in vehicle servicing and their car servicing garage in Dublin 8 is fully equipped with the latest car servicing equipment.

Located close to; Kilmainham, Bluebell, Drimnagh, Ballyfermot, Island Bridge and Dolphin’s Barn the vehicle services in Inchicore Dublin 8 provided by C and G Motors include; car servicing, car diagnostics, pre-NCT repairs and post-NCT repairs.

Image shows oil change in Inchicore provided by C and G MotorsCar servicing in Inchicore is provided by C and G Motors.

Familiar with all faults common to particular makes of car, C and G Motors stock commonly required spare parts for all makes of car, car servicing can be arranged at short notice and cars for servicing can be collected if required.

The car servicing in Inchicore provided by C and G Motors includes; clutch replacements, timing belt replacements, gearbox repairs, oil and filter changes, new battery supply and installation, brake repairs and cylinder head gasket replacement.

Image shows car diagnostics in Inchicore as available from C and G MotorsCar diagnostics in Inchicore are a speciality of C and G Motors.

Certified in car diagnostics, C and G Motors use top of the range car diagnostics equipment and testing software to identify faults in all types of cars, faults are repaired after detection and free quotations on car diagnostics are available.

The car diagnostics in Inchicore available from C and G Motors detects; engine faults, ABS brake faults, airbag faults, fuel economy, light timing belt, engine oil warning light, engine light on, battery not charging, brake light warning, engine temperature, exhaust emissions, central locking faults and dashboard warning light faults.

Image shows post-NCT repairs in Inchicore as available from C and G MotorsPre-NCT repairs and post-NCT repairs in Inchicore are provided by C and G Motors.

Knowledgeable in all NCT standards, pre-NCT checks are available for all vehicles, C and G Motors advise on necessary repairs prior to testing and post-NCT repairs can be arranged.

The pre-NCT checks and post-NCT repairs in Inchicore carried out by C and G Motors include; emissions tests, wheel alignment checks, indicator checks, suspension checks, tread depth tests, brake checks, steering checks, lights checks, seat belt tests, warning light checks, bodywork checks and underbody checks.

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