Greenhouse Farms Farm and Agri Services logoimage of cattle from Greenhouse Farms Agri ServicesGreenhouse Farms are farm and agri relief service providers in Galway, who provide a full range of farm relief services throughout County Galway.

As Galway farm relief workers, Greenhouse Farms is operated by Keith and Shane, who have a farming background, are highly experienced in working with farm machinery and working with all breeds of farm animals.

The farm relief services in Galway provided by Greenhouse Farms includes; relief milking, calving cows, lambing sheep, temporary general farm labour and freeze branding.


image of relief milking services from Greenhouse FarmRelief milking in Galway is provided by Greenhouse Farms and Agri Services.

Highly knowledgeable in milking high-yielding dairy cow herds, Keith and Shane can detect and treat ailments commonly occurring in milking cows, are familiar with working with all cow milking systems, milking parlours are thoroughly washed down after milking, and relief milking in Galway can be arranged at short notice.

The relief milking in Galway available from Greenhouse Farms and Agri Services includes; weekend relief milking, morning relief milking, evening relief milking, holiday relief milking and large herd relief milking.

Cow freeze branding in GalwayCow Freeze branding in Galway is carried out by Greenhouse Farms.

All freeze branding is carried out in compliance with the Department of Agriculture regulations, and with a lifelong experience in livestock, Keith and Shane ensure animals are freeze branded with minimal distress and all freeze branding is carried out without causing damage to the animal’s skin.

The animal freeze branding in Galway provided by Greenhouse Farms include; freeze branding heifers, freeze branding dairy cows, freeze branding suckler cows, freeze branding cattle and freeze branding show cows.  

Farm animal relief services in GalwayFarm relief animal services in Galway are provided by Greenhouse Farms.

Highly experienced in farm animal welfare, Keith and Shane are very knowledgeable in calving cows and lambing sheep, are familiar with dealing with problems which may occur in calving cows, can recognise and treat common ailments in new born calves and new born lambs, and night time calving in Galway is available.

The farm animal relief services in Galway provided by Greenhouse Farms include, calving cows, lambing sheep, night time calving, night time lambing, de-horning calves, tagging calves, tagging cattle, cow clipping, dosing cattle and injecting cattle.

mobile farm animal weighing service GalwayAn approved mobile animal weighing service compliant with Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP) is provided by Greenhouse Farms in County Galway.

With a mobile registered ICBF weighing scale, Keith and Shane are highly experienced in handling livestock, familiar with ICBF and BEEP regulations, weighs cows, sucklers and cattle on farm yards, weights can be recorded in all formats, and weighing scales are washed and disinfected after each individual herd weighing service.

The Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot (BEEP) compliant mobile animal weighing service in Galway provided by Greenhouse Farms includes on farm weighing of; suckler cows, beef cows, suckler calves and all farm animals.

For more information on relief farm services in Galway phone Keith 087 392 0694  Shane 083 315 2733.