Tom McIntyre Nurseries are hedge and tree growers in County Kildare who specialise in supplying ready to plant evergreen hedging and trees in their tree growing nursery in Kildare.

Established since 1996 and located in Kildare, Tom grows a wide range of hedging plants in various sizes suitable to all budgets and requirements, is an experienced arboriculturalist,  familiar in evergreen hedge planting and can advise on all aspects of tree planting and tree care.

The ready for planting trees and hedging in Kildare provided by Tom McIntyre Nurseries include; evergreen tree plants, hedging, shrubs, tall rootballed trees, potted trees and container-grown trees.

Mature rootball hedging in Kildare is available from Tom McIntyre Nurseries.

All hedging and trees grown in Tom’s nurseries in Kildare are Irish grown plants, tolerant to Irish weather conditions, (unlike many imported hedging available) bare root hedging is provided, information on what type of hedging is best suited to soil condition is given and instant hedges can be attained by planting potted or rootball mature hedging

The hedging in Kildare provided by Tom McIntyre Nurseries includes; Griselinia hedging, common laurel hedging, evergreen hedging, quick growing hedging, dense hedging, rootball hedging, privet hedging and bare-root hedging.

Tree hedgings and root-balled trees in Kildare are supplied by Tom McIntyre Nurseries.

Specialising in supplying larger semi-mature trees, Tom can advise on all aspects of tree planting, container-grown hedgings which can be planted at any time of the year are supplied and delivery of all tree saplings and shrubs purchased in Tom’s tree nurseries in Kildare can be arranged.

The tree plants in Kildare available from Tom McIntyre Nurseries include; native deciduous trees, ready to plant trees, Silver Birch trees, Paper bark Birch tree, Green leaf Beech trees, purple leaf Beech trees and Amelanchier trees.

Supplying evergreen hedging in Kildare is a speciality of Tom McIntyre Nurseries.

All trees and shrubs grown in Tom’s Tree Nurseries in Kildare are of a hardy nature, strong, bushy and ideal for creating an instant hedge, a wide range of evergreen hedging in various sizes are available and discounts on large orders of hedging and trees apply.

The evergreen hedging and shrubs in Kildare available in Tom McIntyre Nurseries include; Common Laurel, Portuguese laurel, Griselinia, which are available in all sizes up to 2 meters tall and are ideal for instant privacy, tall hedges, boundary  hedges and screen hedges.

Garden landscaping in Kildare is provided by Tom McIntyre Nurseries.

Highly knowledgeable in garden design, Tom is a C2 registered landscaper and with a large fleet of commercial garden machinery Tom undertakes all types of garden landscaping projects in Kildare.

The garden landscaping services in Kildare provided by Tom McIntyre Nurseries includes, tree planting, hedge planting, garden design, laying lawns, roll out lawns, wildlife planting, wildflower medows and all garden services.

For more info phone Tom 086 2454 300 – 045 892933